The one game you want made that isn't being made


Spiritual successors count as sequels

  • Railroad Tycoon 2 (in 3D) RRT3 was too limited.

------ runner up -------

  • Transport Tycoon

Your Dream Game!

Bannerlord, sadly :(

Ok, less editorial: I’d love an RPG/fishing hybrid game in the exact vain of the Nushitsuri games of the early 90s (various soundscapes for various fishing spots, devoid of silly music - that was just awesome! - and not the horrible games River King games released later on), but done by somebody who would blow away all the usual JRPG clichés, like what has been done for Harvest Moon with Stardew Valley.


Star Citizen
Mass Effect 4


Crimson Skies


Viva Pinata for the Vive.

The original Viva Pinata was such a relaxing game, and it seems to me it would be so well suited to VR. It would totally become my go-to game for when I’m stressed out.

Also, any kind of sequel / spiritual successor for Startopia.


A GTA game with side activities more exciting than tennis and darts. And no grindy online modes.

Alternatively, another Saints Row game.


It’s very niche, but I would love a mountaineering game. Something where you would have to manage your team and make risk-management calls about when to turn back if a situation becomes dicey (storms, avalanche risk, altitude sickness, whatever). Add in a competitive layer where you’re competing against AI or human opponents to bag the most dangerous routes and prestigious peaks to give you some sort of incentive to plan well not just for your current expedition, but for future ones too. I would settle for a text sim, but would prefer it to have more active parts when you’re actually climbing a mountain (first or third person; I’m not that picky).


but, Bannerlord IS being made?

Anyways - I’d love for a true exploration game being made. Basically, a Lord of the rings Online sized game, based around exploration instead of typical MMO combat and bog-fare levelling.


Ultima 10. No, SotA isn’t it.

Closely followed by a Tie-Fighter sequel.


A home version of Tetris: The Grand Master that can actually get a western release and not be butchered by The Tetris Company’s dumb rules.

Alternatively, a standalone version of the gummi ship stuff from Kingdom Hearts II. It’s fleshed out enough to be its own game already, but as it is now, progress for certain ship upgrades and various stage unlocks is stuck behind a bunch of silly action-RPG stuff.


I want to run a TV network as in First Row’s circa-1988 game Prime Time.

I’d love a proper update for SimCity 4 and a game like that but at a broader-level where I plop down interstates across the nation rather than only roads and highways in a city.

I’d like the return of business sims like Dani Berry’s Cartels & Cutthroats.


There were a couple of those, released in Japan.
One is an early Windows, nearly independant game… whose name I forgot - it was probably something very bland, like “The Mountain”. You were a single mountaineer, and you had to prepare for the climbing. Then the game was turning into a sort of “Crazy Climber” game, with tons of movement keys assigned to each of your limb. Absolutely counter-intuitive controls (even walking around was a feat, like in that old Flash QWOP game), very crude graphics, but an attempt to try to convey the look for grips. Not sure if it wasn’t a joke, though.
The other one, Sotennoshirokikaminoza Great Peak [sic] was the rare high-definition Playstation 1 game. It was one of those Japanese light strategy games, all about managing expeditions of a few peaks, but crazy difficult at it. This game is about preparing the mission, what route to take and when to call it a day (unless you go for suicidal missions, one at a time, instead of trying to manage a team properly…).
Can’t find videos to link to either.

Oh, how I’d love this as well.


Balance of Power set in the modern world
Rules of Engagement 3


Stalker 2. Or at least a game that takes the A-Life system from Stalker and builds on it.


Battlezone 3, a sequel to the 1998 re-imagining of the series.

EverQuest 3, but made by anybody other than SoE/Daybreak. Apparently they’ve started and cancelled EQ3 four or five times, maybe a sixth attempt would succeed by pretty much anybody else. I’d like to see a sequel that stays true to the original game and first 2 expansion’s lore and world (feel free to ignore everything in EQ2 and later EQ1 expansions and pretend none of it exists). And I demand classic dungeon design.

Spore 2, but the version we all imagined when Robin Williams talked about the original on stage.


Kohan with modern unit AI and engines
a Lab Zero made Real Bout Fatal Fury


A good and proper sequel to Jagged Alliance 2 that didn’t just immediately meander off into mediocrity. It’s absolutely tragic all the failed attempts that franchise has left in its wake.


A “true” Combat Mission game (i.e., 1-3) updated with COH graphics and a grand campaign.


This a million times. I didn’t mind BiA for what it was, but it wasn’t a JA game.

Honestly, I’d be happy with 1.13 getting some upgraded graphics. Even the pixel art guy in me cringes a little when playing JA2 these days. Of course that didn’t stop me reinstalling it last weekend.


As I mentioned in another thread, I always wanted a good, fully developed Heist game. One that could support different styles, from using violence and speed like in Paydsay, to excavating a tunnel, to pure stealth in the night, to social stealth in daylight kind of like Hitman. It could be done with a squad tactical game like Xcom or JA, or like an inmersive sim like Deus Ex, adding some elements from Hitman, like I said.