The one game you want made that isn't being made


That’s cold.


Here is the only little clip of Power Climb, that game I mentionned earlier, that I could find. It’s an extract from a stream of fellow Australian Macaw, so there is language, and microphone explosions, but it gives an indication of how that game played.


I’d like a game where you’re Vauban or Coehoorn. Build a 17th-century fortress. Place the ramparts, ditches, etc. Then get besieged and fight off the attackers. Besiege their fortress, conquer it, and rebuild it before they counterattack.


Phantasy Star V still isn’t being made.

Come on, Sega!

  • Emperor of the Fading Suns
  • Starship Troopers
  • Agents of Justice
  • Car Wars made into a computer game
  • Roadwar 2000
  • Mass Effect trilogy part 2 (with more story focus)
  • Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
  • Monsters Menace America or Creature that ate Sheboygan made into a computer game
  • Master of Orion 2 …um Part 2
  • The Movies 2
  • Kingmaker 2
  • Wastelands 3
  • Dead State 2
  • Time Tripper!!!
  • Cyberstorm 3
  • Twilight 2000 and uh 1
  • Star Fleet Command 2 um part 2
  • Star Wars Rebellion 2
  • MechCommander 3


I have always wanted a Battletech MMO. I don’t even know what precisely it would look like - but something set in that massive universe, where you could join any of the Houses or merc units - quest around for lost Star League hardware and tech, and of course wage war for territory across the inner sphere. You could earn planets to try and develop and defend - kind of like what happened to the Gray Death Legion.

Sets up perfectly for some global events, and of course expansions into the clan invasions (and the eventual invasion of the clans)


Wasteland 3 is totally getting made, I Kickstarted it. Or well, Figged it. Whatever.


The Long Dark has me intrigued, though I’ve never been that interested in the survival game genre before (I hate crafting). However, the setting and the promise of climbing and route finding are making it hard to say no to. Thanks for the recommendation.


I’d be happy if someone just made a clone of it with a good user interface.


Yes to Cyberstorm 3 and MechCommander 3! More giant robots please!

I’m hopeful that BattleTech will do and nail a lot of the things that made the first Missionforce:Cyberstorm so enjoyable.


Balance of Power 2
Paradox’s Cold War game


Make that four! The game got good enough and interesting enough that they had a solid base to build on. Oh well.

  1. Reboot of the original Mercenaries - still one of my favorite open world games ever. Just Cause used some of the same mechanics but was a very different game.

  2. Black & White reboot - imagine this game with modern processing and graphics power. Also, in a post Minecraft world it would be ok to focus on creature and civilization building, leave out the terrible missions. Imagine Inviting other players and their creatures to explore your world. PvP if necessary but I would love a focus on building and sharing rather than competition and war.


A Star Wars RPG without Jedi in a more serious tone like Rogue One.

More Alpha Protocol

A game like GTA but you play a good guy.


The Elder Scrolls VI


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An MMO that doesn’t hold your hand or let you solo to max level in 40 hours with uber exp gear. Where your unique abilities help a group to overcome long odds and loot the uber chest of Drakaarrrggg. You know, an MMO. Pantheon is going into pre-alpha, and it looks promising, so there’s some hope, but still a long way away.

Crowfall and Camelot unchained are also being made, and look good, but they’re different from the classic MMO that I’d like to experience again.


Sword of the Stars 2

And no, that hasn’t been made, just like The Matrix never had any sequels.


I want Sword of the Stars 3 nonetheless. ;)


On the not giant robot front, Victoria 3 would make me all kinds of happy. Vicky 2, unfortunately, showed up before Paradox switched to their DLC model. I’d love to see a Victoria game that gets continued support for a couple of years. So much good stuff to explore in that setting that they can’t do in their other games.