The one game you want made that isn't being made



I thought about a Wing Commander game but that ship has gone into a parallel universe with no return home.

So Freespace it is!


Nicely put. Thanks.


I love me 2D Metroid, and played all of them. Handheld ones included as Fusion and Zero Mission are I think as good, or better, than Super.

But we are now mortal enemies. Metroid Prime is my second favorite game of all time, prepare to die!


Freedom fighters I mean not force.

I don’t mind 3d Metroid just that there are enough sequels vs 2d.


:( Superheroes fighting Trump would have been fun!


I loved Prime and I’m not the biggest 1st Person fan. It was a perfect translation of the 2D games.

That being said, I prefer the 2D games.


Fair enough. They’re all brilliant in their own way. I just love how atmospheric Prime was, it was the kind of transcendental experience for me that many state about Half-life 2 and the gravity gun.