The one game you want made that isn't being made


Truck Simulator, Flight Simulator, Construction Simulator, Farming Simulator, all rolled up into one gigantic MMO.


AV-8B Harrier Assault 2 – but maybe with something other than Harriers. Seriously, this game was a brilliant contemporary (for the day) pseudo-Carrier Command. It was incredibly light on depth, but it hit most of the buttons that made for a great arcade sim/strategy game.


Really? Sigh.

In my own little world I’d just take:

Star Wars Galaxies 2. Modernize the old game, I’m fine with that.
Also RDR and RDR2 on the PC. Assuming RDR2 actually has a single-player campaign anymore.

I’m pretty much set for life after that.


Spelljammer with FTL-esque space combat and a fairly emergent/open solar system (or crystal sphere or whatever). Ideally with gameplay oriented around “just hang out and explore and maybe eventually build a stronghold” as opposed to something eschatological.


Good one!!!

I would like another Final Fantasy similar to IX or XII. They should have stuck with the XII model and not tried to reinvent themselves with each iteration. It worked for the DQ games. Instead we got XIII and its 2 sequels and XV.

Baldur’s Gate 3?

Also, where are the console space combat games? I would love a Colony Wars remake.

And Wizardry 9. I would love that.


The games that I have enjoyed the most over the last couple of years have been games that came out of left field. This war of Mine, Shrouded Isle, Sunless Sea, Don’t Starve…If you were to describe these games before they came out I would have been all meh, but in each case within 10 minutes I knew this was the game for me.

I try all kinds of games now because I never know what will appeal to me.

On the other hand games that I have anticipated and are things that I think should be right in my wheelhouse? Those games have uniformly left me cold.


I’ll take one of these.

Another one of these

And some part of me wants more games in the Red Baron 2/ 3D vein, where it is simulaionist without going all rivet counter like most modern flight sims. But in reality I’d probably not play it since I have only played maybe 5 hours of games since finishing Witcher 3 a month ago.


Hostage Mission
Roadwar 2000
Jagged Alliance


I’ve got two. I think I’ve mentioned both before in the past so bear with me if I repeat myself. I also tend to ramble when it comes to passionate subjects so apologies in advance.

First is essentially a Star Trek simulator. It doesn’t have to be that license specifically but that’s how I think of it, because you’re essentially Captain Kirk (I mean I guess you could be Picard, but why?) You would have a massive galaxy to explore, many races to meet with. There would of course be battles, both ship based and person-to-person, but it’s not the focus of gameplay. I’m imagining a Mass Effect that allows for more diplomacy. My ideal would allow for characters who could theoretically find nonviolent resolutions to any conflict. Or at least most of them. It’s the future for chrissake, why shouldn’t we idealize our ability to find common ground with weird squishy aliens?

My second would be essentially a Master and Commander simulation. I said simulationon both games but I guess I’m really thinking of wide open RPG-ish games. Basically you’re Jack Aubrey with command of a sloop - there will be bigger, badder ships out there so there will be battles you’ll need to avoid engaging. Your task is pretty much serving Her (His? I forget) Majesty’s will, receiving orders and taking commissions and heading out on the great blue. One of the ways I think AC: Black Flag failed was giving you a ship but no realistic seas, just a kiddy pool to float around and occasionally Fire your cannons. I want oceans, dammit. I want to staff and provision a crew. I want to plot courses and set watches. I want danger. There would also be intrigue ashore - Maturin would naturally have his secret agent missions and maybe Aubrey would have his estate that he’s trying to build, maybe get elected into the House of Commons or some such.

Anyway, I’m dreaming big. Games like those would be a labor of love on the level of Witcher 3 or something and would be pretty niche. But I guess that’s what dreams are for.


Yessssss. Every time I play one of these, I yearn for some kind of non-combat, economic MMO that will never exist.


Knights of the Old Republic 3 that isn’t a goddamn motherfucking MMO.

Good god I hate MMOs almost as much as I love KotOR.


This. (As we also discussed in the Mass Effect: Andromeda thread!)

Of recent games I’ve been playing, Galaxy of Pen & Paper actually comes close to this. Sort of. It’s more humorous than it probably should be (if it were more of a Star Trek game), but I like the basic mechanics that are in place: travelling from point of interest to point of interest, having a bit of choose-your-own-adventure (dialogues, etc.), engage in JRPG-style battles, some stylized space battles, etc. I think that game could work well as a template for something more mature (for want of a better word), dice rolling included. Doesn’t have to be as high fidelity as Andromeda, as far as I’m concerned.


Somewhat similar to this, Crusader Kings/EU/Victoria all rolled up into one gigantic grand strategy game, or rather three different grand strategy games that intertwine so you can choose at any point what layer of abstraction you want to engage with - ruler, dynasty or popular faction.


Huh, never heard of this. Going on my Steam wishlist.


Freedom Force 3


Second all of these, and also a “Crusader Kings for Victorian England” (which is similar to what @Ginger_Yellow just said).

My top choice, though, would be turn-based Diablo 2/3 with an iPad version (doesn’t have to literally be Diablo, but mechanically similar). I even had a thread about this years ago, to find out if anything like it existed. Dredmor ended up being pretty close, though still a bit too consumable-heavy. Basically, I’d like a game where you move across a map filled with enemies you slaughter en masse with occasional boss monsters with randomized abilities, explore and clear dungeons, choose abilities from a broad set for your class, and most importantly, acquire gobs of randomized loot that lets you do new, cool, things.


This, oh god, this. A new Tactics Ogre or FFT would be the best.

I’d also love a successor to Heroes of Might and Magic 3. A couple of the sequels were worth playing or even pretty good, but they were all significantly flawed in one way or another. Scrap all of that, go back to HoMM3 as your base, and evolve from there.


Oh, since Sorcerer King scratched a serious itch I didn’t know I had, but could have been even MOAR:

A dark fantasy Star Control-alike with a mixture of adventure/RPG and tactical/strategy elements wherein you find yourself in a Tyranny-esque world where evil has won and you must rally the broken, the enslaved, and even your old foes in order to overthrow the darkness that lays upon the land. Travel the map engaging in diplomacy, solving mysteries, building alliances, and avoiding the agents of the bad guys, build up an empire in secret with which to challenge them, and drop into tactical battles when necessary to fight your way toward freedom.

Go heavy on OP, world-reshaping magic, crazy differentiated racial units (a’la Heroes of MIght and Magic), ancient wonders, secret dungeons, mystic lore, multi-stage quests to win the approval of the races, etc.

Honestly, SK got 75% of the way there (and was my game of the year thaty ear), but I think wound up a little too tied down by the nitty-gritty strategic elements inherited from Elemental (simplified though they were) and needed just a little more love in terms of budget and content to make the races stand out more/have more personality and flesh out the awesome variety of randomized quests/items/etc. with a little more personality, interconnectivity, and replayability.


My brother from another mother.

Honestly the best one I’ve played - and for a while there I played everything - is probably King’s Bounty: Armored Princess. Which is old as hell at this point, but still a great game. It’s an RPG instead of a 4X-lite, but it’s still the best way to scratch that HOMM3 itch.


Jane’s Fighters Anthology 2.
Fleet Command 2. I love me some CMANO, but I am a military graphics whore.
Someone above mentioned a rework of the original Combat Missions 1-3. With real controls and UI this time.
Mass Effect 4: We’ll Bang, OK? Shepherd edition.
Starflight 3