The one game you want made that isn't being made


There are three of us.


Hey, might be up my alley! “Bridge Simulator” could extend to all kinds of subject matter really.


We’ve had two sequels already, I think it’s high time for a reboot! This game was so good, I wonder why it has been all but forgotten…



New Crusader game (as in, Crusader, No Remorse).


Oh yeah, gotta plus one that.


Emperor of the Fading Suns, done with an AI that works. Please.


Put me down for EOTFS. Plus a SunDog game.


This. I feel like Mount and Blade and State of Decay got pretty close to the game I want but no one has really made it yet.


Nice call.


I have spent very little time with the third and ninth A-Train games, but to me they felt more like detached city builders. I was building the backbone of a body, but the body never really felt mine. They got that “ethereal” (or disconnected, or even empty, if you want to be rude about it) aspect of a lot of Japanese strategy games, in that I couldn’t really know what affects what (unless I’d have bought the strategy guide, I guess) and thus they felt more like toys than games. Having not played Transport Tycoon (I know, the shame!), I can’t compare them.

I liked one of the newest A-Train games, the DS one (the 3DS and its recently released Windows port, ironically labelled “Classic”, look totally similar). It was a good game but felt more like a strategic puzzle game, in that a lot of your freedom was taken away. Maybe because A-Train actually always was a puzzle game, and they finally teach you how to play it?

While they all feature trains, none of them got that trepidating rail and pioneering enthusiastic feeling I can’t quite define that make the Railroad Tycoon games so unique, too (I’ll don my Sid Meier fanboy hat, and say that in the same way I’d say no other Pirate-themed games ever approached the atmosphere of his).

Sounds absolutely awesome, I had no idea!


Yes! And a new Merchant Prince. It’s a classic but it still has so much more potential left in the military & political aspects of it.


Still waiting for a Pokemon Snap 2… the Wii U would’ve been good but the Switch might be even better for it? That ship might’ve sailed with Pokemon GO though.


Seconding all of these.


DmC 2

Might & Magic XI


You can play RDR1 on PC through Playstation Now. It may not be the best experience, but you can do it.

I just want Distant Worlds 2, which I know is being made, but it is not being made fast enough!


Looking through my DOS games, I see a lot of great games with enormous potential that ended up being evolutionary dead ends.

  • Celtic Tales - Applies the Koei formula to a new setting. I’d like to see the same thing for the age of mythology in the Mediterranean. There’s so many heroes that you could put on the map: Theseus in Athens, Midas in Phrygia, Dido in Carthage, and so on.
  • Covert Action - Investigating randomly-generated terrorist plots never gets old for me.
  • Dune - I mean the weird French one that was made just before Dune 2. It was a strategy/adventure hybrid where you had to go out and physically meet up with your units to give them orders. I’d like to see these mechanics in a game where you’re the Emperor of Persia and you have to travel around putting down revolts and getting tangled up in palace intrigue.
  • Hidden Agenda - I’d like a version of this set in the Middle East today. You’ve just taken power in your country. How do you solve its problems without getting overthrown?
  • No Greater Glory - A wargame where you win by systematically destroying your enemy’s means and will to fight back, not by sitting on arbitrary victory point locations.
  • V For Victory - It’s abstract like a boardgame, but takes advantage of what a computer can do. The fog of war mechanics were great, like how if your own units were disrupted too badly they might not even know their own strength.


Thanks for these. The first one sounds awful, but the second might be worth a look. I’m guessing it never got a Western release though. I’m surprised a continental European developer never attempted something like this, given their history with mountaineering. A game set in the Alps with the goal of doing all the classic north face routes would be sublime, although those alone would lose some of the expedition management stuff.

While on the topic of Troika games, a remake of, or sequel to, Aracanum with a good combat system could easily be my favorite RPG. I loved the setting, world building, and character creation of Arcanum, but, man, that battle system. Even the turn-based option was bad, with its terrible ally AI and no way to control them manually. The real-time battle option was basically unplayable, and this was true by early-2000s isometric RPG standards.


I will definitely second Hidden Agenda and No Greater Glory!


I’m not sure how much closer you can realistically get to Dungeon Keeper than War for the Overworld. It practically is DK3.


Another vote for Star Wars Galaxies 2. The original was flawed, but it remains my favorite MMO.