The one game you want made that isn't being made



I want an RPG Western. Your family is slaughtered and left for dead, ranch/farm burned down, have nothing more than a rusty pistol, not even a horse. Have to acquire everything you need, horse, better guns, etc. to hunt down the gang that killed my family. You can take various jobs as you progress and increase your skills and reputation - ranch hand, cowboy, trapper, miner, scout for the Army, bounty hunter, marshal/sheriff, gunfighter, card shark/gambler, rustler, gang member, leader of gang, etc. You might even have the opportunity to obtain your own ranch with your own ranch hands and cowboys. Tons of different things to do, roles to take, quests to fulfill. The gang that killed your family, meanwhile, has split so you have to hunt them down one by one, gathering clues and information, until you can take out the leader. but then you find out why, and that he is only a pawn in a much bigger scheme by much more powerful people. Factions you assisted or ignored or went against can assistyou, or join your opponent to oppose you and your quest for justice/vengance.

I just want to be Rooster Cogburn/Josey Wales/Shane/Jeremiah Johnson :)


KOTOR 3 … and not an MMO, as noted above
Sins of a Solar Empire 2 (Ironclad is currently hiring for an unnamed project, so I hope this is being taken care of)
Starflight 3 (rumors in the other thread, but until I see confirmation …)
Pikmin games for PC - I can’t justify buying a game system for one series, but I adore this series
Battle for Middle Earth 3

And my one dream game;
A space game where crew is hired and has skills which develop & personalities, tech trees, fleet building, modest ship designing, away missions, numerous factions, base management/building/economy, wide variety of missions including espionage and diplomacy, combat in space, land & on board ships. Seems like it would require the best UI ever so I’m not expecting it to ever be made, but I can keep on dreaming.


I also want a turn-based tactical game with an interesting overworld set during the Reaper War in Mass Effect.

Basically XCOM2 with characters and equipment from the ME3 multiplayer.


Test Drive Unlimited with the realistic controls of Euro Truck Simulator. I’d love to cruise around in beautiful cars in an open world…


Fuckin hell yeah!

This was basically the Kickstarter project The Mandate, which is apparently dead in the water after 3 years of increasingly desperate updates. It sounded amazing though.


Ouch. Yeah, I just read up on it, and that looks like quite the tale of woe.

There’s a part of me that wants to go all Cleve and work on a game like this over decades. It would take at least that long for me to learn the programming skills needed to even make a competent UI (those “lucky few” who know my previous work can laugh, it’s okay). I can slowly urge my son to pick up skills in graphical design. Hmm. Maybe I can just have another kid or five and mold them from scratch into the employees I’d need - that would keep my payroll at a minimal level; macaroni and cheese can be had for a dollar a box these days …


A new Wing Commander game…maybe that Squadron 42 thing will do it but I feel he’ll will freeze over before that ever comes out.

Also two old OG Xbox games. New Crimson Skies and Mech Assault.


Always wondered why there weren’t cowboy RPGs. Red Dead Redemption really made me crave one.

KOTOR 3 has been mentioned a few times…if Obsidian made it, I would be all over it. Same with a Neverwinter Nights 3.


I’d say a new Starflight, but apparently that could be happening, so how about a new version of Omega (originally done by Origin Systems)? Who doesn’t want to program the ai for tank robots?


For several years I’ve hoped Paradox would take their CK2/EU4 style games and make a fantasy version. Stellaris sort of went this direction with SciFi, but didn’t really get what I was hoping for. I would love a significantly asymmetrical world of small. medium and large states ala in the CK2/EU4 eras but untethered from the need to adhere to historical accuracy and realism. My preference wouldn’t be for map altering levels of magic, more a tool for influencing things. There would be different races as well as different nations/states with religions and cultures that ran the gamut from good to indifferent to outright evil. In addition to having diplomats, missionaries, etc. you could have heroes or adventurers that you could place on the map to do interesting things like remove negative effects, find treasures, inspire the populace, etc.

Anyway, I would buy that day one, even after the rough Stellaris launch =)


I mean if we’re going to ask for sequels or updated versions, I’d like a new Autoduel please kthxbye.


For a new game, how about a VR game where you are a cyberdeck cowboy like Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy.


I think I have mentioned it before somewhere but I would love a game like Skyrim only with Dark Souls type combat.

I would also like to see Medal of Honor style games covering WW1 or the Civil War.


More KotOR, (non-MMO), more turn based D&D, a reboot of Autoduel.

And hey, while we are smoking the pipe of possibility, how about a historical 4X that does not rely on the Civ-type tile and unit paradigm but has a less fiddly, more strategic approach?


I’ve always wished there were more Greco-Roman RPGs, but apart from Return of Heracles, Nethergate, and Titan Quest, it’s been pretty slim pickings.

A full on CRPG set in an idealized heroic Greece with Medusas and Minotaurs and stuff could be pretty great. Or a game that is to Imperial Rome what Darklands was to medieval Germany. Historical stuff intertwined with shady druidic magic and monsters of yore. (Like Nethergate, basically, but with higher production values and maybe a broader pan-European scope.)


Seconded. All in favor?


Yeah, someone mentioned Gladius upthread - ever play that one? More tactical than conventional RPG but it was a great Lucasarts game that came out fore the Gamecube, Xbox and PS2. Got good reviews but no one bought it (I remember buying it at a deeply discounted $14.99 at Costco like 6 months after release).


Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation


a REAL Jagged Alliance 3 sequel made by the original Sir Tech people.

and/or a Jagged Alliance type game but that is fantasy.

a 3d version of Dwarf Fortress, graphically similar to Minecraft, but have the depth of DF.

a Borderlands 3 that is deeper and more developed than Destiny, a loot based shooter that is as good as the best action rpg’s. (Path of Exile/Grim Dawn)