The one game you want made that isn't being made


Morgan, I like your asssssssssssss


I’d like something new along the lines of a Sim Golf, or a Mario Golf RPG-style game but with course design as a focus.


Oh man, Mario Golf for the GBC was incredibly addictive and fun.


Oh man, I played the absolute hell out of GBC Mario Golf. I remember I was doing a lot of traveling those days, it was a great time killer.


There’s a game coming out for the Switch called Golf Story that I think will partially scratch this itch, although it doesn’t have any actual course building from what I can tell. Lots of RPG stuff.


Yeah I did see that and while it looks interesting the course building was the main thing we haven’t really seen integrated with the gameplay much, hence the mention of SimGolf as well … designed by Sid Meier and Will Wright, what a combo!


Here’s another one:

LEGO X-COM clone.


Lego Dark Souls


Lego EU IV


Skate 4


Lego Hearts of Iron - You have to individually build each tank out of blocks because the real Hearts of Iron just doesn’t have enough micromanagement in it.


An Anachronox sequel. I loved the original but it did leave things hanging.


Sims 4 making magic. Oh boy I loved the making magic sims. such an atmosphere


Couldn’t find a topic for “unique and new game ideas”, so here goes…

I just thought that it might be cool to have a realistic photography simulator. I.e. control lenses, f-stops, aperture sizes, etc. to get the best possible photo in each scenario. Bonus for high speed sports photography, photo safaris, macro photography, maybe even space/radio photography.

What do you think?


I prefer the unrealistic approach.

Didn’t the f2p version of the Deer Hunter feature a photographic mode? Probably not as involved as what you are envisionning, though. Personally, because I suck at taking pictures, I like the unpredicability, and I don’t think this is something than could be easily modelled in a videogame.


Finishing Golf Story earlier in the week reinforced my desire for a party-based RPG (with all the typical trappings that entails for your preferred RPG subgenre) where your “party” is a full sports team and “battles” are things like training camps, pick-up games, and scheduled league games. Unlike Pyre, which I still haven’t played but want to, or Inazuma Eleven, which is both based on a kind-of-boring sport and about anime children (and coincidentally aimed at real children of roughly the same age), I’m thinking about something like this for basketball or American football. (The latter would need to be abstracted a bit - having to manage upwards of forty distinct characters in a party-based RPG sounds like a living nightmare.)

Golf Story also reinforced my desire for a golf game with Diablo-style loot drops. (Probably not procedurally-generated courses, though, unless someone can figure out a really good technique for doing so and making them feel playable, cohesive, and reasonably challenging.)


If you consider “gladiatorial combat” a type of sport, there are a few management games of this type I think. Here’s one:


It doesn’t sound like it’s doing much of what I want (in part because a relevant part of what I’m interested in is something based around one of the specific sports I named), and despite the assortment of thumbs-up reviews on the Steam page, the overall tone seems to be “interesting concept, but mediocre execution and poor focus.”


I would buy that game! It doesn’t have all that stuff going for it, but if you haven’t tried ‘The Long Dark’ yet you should. First person, survival, set in mostly ice and snow, and climbing to the highest peak in the game world is actually quite an expedition. You have to manage your fatigue, cold, weather, food, wild animals, and there is a fair bit of climbing and route finding, it’s really pretty fun.


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