The Onion rips off OMM

The rapid growth of the video-game market, coupled with anticipation of profits from the introduction of next-generation home gaming consoles, continues to drive up the per-share price of the small San Francisco firm, formerly known as Stackable Crate & Exploding Barrel.

This reminds me of these guys, who aren’t a game studio, but should be.

Anyway, this isn’t as good as that time Austin Powers 3 ripped off OMM.

Hey guys I heard games have a lot of crates confirm/deny?

Bah, Howard Stern invented it first.

Hoo hoo, tell 'em Fred.

Although the joke has kinda died over time, there’s also one of my old favories: top 10 Rooms Full of Crates, circa 1999.

Quick! To the Howie 'copter!