The Onion's sneak peak at the PS5

Heh heh…

Yes, quite amusing. The most entertaining piece I’ve seen in a while. There’s something pleasing about being sadistic to kids.

I loved this piece, from this week’s Onion.

Christopher Cross Finally Reaches Mexican Border
NOGALES, MEXICO—After nearly 20 years on the run, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Christopher Cross finally reached the Mexican border Monday. "I had such a long way to go,"said Cross, who fled south after gunning down 10 in 1980, “but I’ve finally made it to the border of Mexico.” Doctors, who described Cross’ body as “weak,” said much sleep would be necessary to restore the health of the fugitive adult-contemporary vocalist.

I thought this was great:

Younger children, he said, salivate upon seeing Level One of Zonic Fugue. In it, Zonic, the indigo-colored son of Sonic The Hedgehog, faces off against Chuckles The Echidna in a Terrordactyl sky-joust, attempting to earn the Ankle Rockets he needs to gather the five Chaos Sapphires that, when combined, form the master key that opens the Melody Dome.

It’s just absurd enough to sound realistic. It also makes me a bit ashamed to be a gamer and to actually have goals like this in life. :)