The opioid crisis



Are the Sacklers the greatest mass murderers in US history (private citizens division)?


Eh, Philip Morris probably still holds that record.


Is it murder if it’s just assisted suicide though?


That downplays how strong truly addictive substances can be, imo.


Yeah, addiction is not a choice. It’s a disease.

So if someone purposefully gave you a disease, one that they were pretty certain you would die from, would you call that murder?


“Sorry a bunch of you died, but… meh.”


how he was able to order those doses without being stopped.

There should have been several checks here. It’s not like a physician just opens a cupboard and gets access to potentially lethal drugs. There were several failures in the system and people… they need to look at everyone involved.


Opioids - Keeping petty thieves regular.


Well, he sure on the run after the theft.


Ironically just what he needed, because opioid addicts are usually extremely constipated as a side effect of the drugs.


So… they don’t give a crap about the downsides?


When you feel the urge and a pun starts to push its way out, just pinch it off.


An ampihibology turtlehead.




Some of the perks that doctors get that they just don’t tell you about.

A former regional sales director for Insys Therapeutics allegedly gave a lap dance to a doctor as the company was pushing him to prescribe its deadly opioid painkiller to patients. That’s according to multiple reports of testimony given Tuesday from a former Insys colleague in a federal court in Boston.

Sunrise Lee, a former stripper, had no experience in the pharmaceutical industry before working at Insys, prosecutors noted. According to Bloomberg, court documents reveal that Insys whistle-blowers quoted Burlakoff as saying that “doctors really enjoyed spending time with Lee” and that she was “more of a closer.”


This part is kind of goofy to call out. Most sales organizations don’t require experience working within the target industry to be a salesperson. They’d like you to be familiar enough with the product and competition to speak convincingly and confidently, but a crackerjack sales account manager/director can learn about the product as they go.

We’ve had highly successful sales folks in our company that never worked with IT before they came here. That said, the fact that she seems to have had little to no sales experience prior to being hired as a director is pretty dumb.


I’m mostly in agreement except they’re not talking about a sales rep here, they’re talking about a sales director. I can see managers and lower being hired with no experience at all in the industry but a director seems a little odd, unless maybe she was a director in some other industry.


Yes, that too. It’s just an odd callout for a news story because sales very often has no skills in the nitty gritty of what they sell.

She wouldn’t be the first ex-stripper/model in sales or marketing. That’s not an indictment on stripping by the way. Many women in the sex industry learn to “sell” better than rigorously trained salespeople.


I believe Sunrise Lee is on the lower left. Accompanying article: