The opioid crisis


Eh not really…

He noted that cocaine deaths among black men have remained fairly constant for the 15 years the study measures, while opioid deaths among whites have skyrocketed, cautioning that interpretations of the data should look at the consequences of the crack-cocaine crisis of the 1980s.


Right, it’s been bad for a long time but no one has cared. That makes it worse, not “better”.

Or, to tell a different tale, back in 2004 black men were dying from cocaine overdose roughly equal to the rate whites are dying from opiods now. Remember all that talk about task forces and the “cocaine epidemic” back then? Right, neither do I. And they STILL ARE.


Yeah that.


Never fear, KellyAnne Motherfucking Conway is on the opiod crisis like flies on shit. And if anyone in this world cares more about black men dying from drugs, I have yet to meet them.