The Opposition Thread


Ya, this is true. The latent racism of many members of the GOP just boiled over and they lost their minds… although, we saw similar levels of crazy hatred of Clinton too, so shrugs.

But where I used to reject the notion of tons of racism in the GOP, during Obama’s term that shit became really damn obvious, to the point I couldn’t deny it any more. The whole birther thing, or secret muslim conspiracy theory crap, really laid everything bare.


Kudos to you for having the ability to dispassionately view the information available. So many self-identifying Republicans I know have been doubling down for so long that they’re on board the Trump train and can’t even see he’s a complete contradiction to the values and beliefs they’ve been preaching to me for the last 20 years.

I mean, it takes some real fucking mental gymnastics for libertarians, fiscal conservatives and the like to be solidly in the Trump camp, yet here they are…


I hope so, but there’s always someone to blame. Take Radical Islamic Terrorism, Radical Illegal Immigration, Radical Democratic Party Opposition, Radical Unforeseen Higher Temperatures and Ocean Flooding, and Radical Boogeyman Under The Bed: even though you’re absolutely right, it’s those guys that are going to be pointed out by the 2019 version of Spicer that blocked President Trump from achieving American Utopia. I hope it will be easier to effectively point the finger at the guilty party then, but can we assume it will be easier? That’s where your next paragraph comes in, and those sound like achievable goals.





Holy … wow, just wow.


That’s perfect. Hope to see these everywhere soon.


Scumbags on the other side will probably remove the red and wear the rest with pride.


Not wearing anything that looks like a Swastika, with or without the red… for the same reason I don’t sing along with rap songs.


Lest you think the Constitution fucking matters.


If I were a woman I’d buy 5 of these in 5 colors, one for each day at the gym.


I might buy 'em for my fiancee if she wants 'em.


Picked one up for my wife. If you make a new account, you get a 25% off coupon btw.


The full amount goes to the Women’s March, so use that 25% off coupon on these wonderful weight lifting shoes and pay full price for the shirt. Seriously, I can’t say enough about those shoes, they’re fantastic. I own them in red.


Wow. It’s rare to see a corporation so publicly taking sides.


Is it only made in a ladies cut? I’d wear it.


Andrew Coyne is losing his patience and typical Canadian politeness.

"the prime minister has the particular task of dealing with a leader who, to speak precisely, presents with a variety of known personality disorders; who knows less about foreign policy, or any policy, than the average doorman or taxi driver; who has no visible moral compass, is unconstrained by any norm of personal, political or presidential conduct, and seems determined to avenge any slight to his monstrous vanity."


To resist Trump, folks need to organize boycotts of not only Trump himself, but anyone who patronizes his business.

That means anyone who stays at any of his properties, or plays golf at his resorts. Anyone who does business with him.

Trump must be turned into a pariah, a communicable disease, that everyone subs. That is how you actually harm him financially.


Peter King (for those that don’t follow sports, writer for Sports Illustrated) tweeted the other day that he’s going on the record that the Patriots will not trade Jimmy Garoppolo.

What’s interesting about that is not his prediction for the future of the NE backup QB, rather the twitter replies that inevitably turned towards Trump (Kraft et al connection, players refusing to go to the Whitehouse) were overwhelmingly insulting to the orange menace.

On Peter King’s twitter feed. About a backup QB. Turning against Trump.

Edit: And I just read Coyne’s piece (which is excellent) and the gobsmackingly ignorant and mind blowingly stupid replies in the comment section.

Fuck everything.


Should probably also reward companies that take a stance against him as well as punish those who do business with him and his Clan. I haven’t shopped at Nordstroms in some time. I am trying to find something to buy from these companies that drop the Trump brand.