The Opposition Thread


Insert Betsy DeVos ‘Hold my beer’ meme here.


That is absolutely nuts. How far does a language need to evolve to stop calling it the same language?


How far apart do two populations need to be before you call them different species? Demarcation is a human addition, not an inherent feature.


When they can no longer breed and produce viable offspring.


Alas, not that simple! Neanderthals and humans, for instance, do not satisfy your criteria but are still considered separate species. It’s complicated.


Why Republicans are signing up: We spoke with one influential GOP operative who is using the app. He told us he especially likes that Confide makes it harder to take a screenshot—you have to slide your fingers over text and it only captures a portion of the screen. He also likes the integration with iMessage, allowing him to write self-destructing encrypted messages within the confines of the iPhone’s standard-issue messaging platform.

He says Republicans like him are especially paranoid about their communications after Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. “For folks that are on the inside in this city, it provides some cover,” he said.

Brod said it’s not uncommon for a well-publicized hack to trigger interest. “We do see a spike in across the board metrics when there is a major news cycle about the vulnerability of digital communications,” he said.

Public service announcement for administration officials: All official business is supposed to be conducted via White House e-mail so communications can be archived for the presidential record.


Rick nails it again.


Wow, that guy’s butt hurts, like, super bad.


Rick is a pretty conservative guy. And one of the loudest voices out there against Trump.


Oh also, I learned that if you have Amazon Prime you can get 6 months of the Washington Post for free.


Thanks for that, ShivaX. The subscription fee after that is only $3.99/mo with Prime as well.

I need to do more to support actual journalism, so… signed up.


Same here. Happily signed up for the 6-months free and will continue to pay the $4/month after.


Did the same. The phone and tablet apps are great! 4 bucks a month is worth it. I feel like paying for fine journalism is almost a charity donation cause at this point.

They were largely successful in toppling Flynn as an advisor. Apparently the white house was cool with it until the press ran with it. So, as much as the administration shrugs off bad press as “fake news” the press can make a difference.


And still manages to blame liberals and the media for all his problems.


I mean… sure. He’s going to do that, just cause Trump is nightmare doesn’t mean his fundamental ideology changed.

I can find plenty of liberals who will go on a rant about Reagan and Bush too, but that doesn’t change the horror show that is Trump.


Hard to clean house if you can’t admit it’s your house that’s dirty, not the other guy’s.


Rick’s saying the house is filthy. You might disagree with how he gets there, but his message is basically “we’ve sold out everything we believe to suck up to Trump and it’s bullshit.”

Now you might think “what we believe in” is already bullshit to begin with, but it’s still a very valid point and a reasonably effective one for trying to win back actual conservatives from Trump’s shadow (though there aren’t many of those left by the look of things).


I’m for anyone who is willing to fight for a serious independent media. The most chilling thing so far in the Trump administration IMO is the lugenpresse angle. He’s memeified Fake News and by dint of repetition it’s going to go from a tagline, to a tagline ironically echoed, to a tagline believed.


I wonder if that’s true though. I mean, sure, his rapid base of Deplorables will eat it up and believe it, but I get the impression that it’s become something of an (unintended) joke: Calling CNN “fake news” was never going to end well for him, and when they called him on it by refusing to let any of his proxies onto their heavily-watched Sunday shows they had to grovel and beg to get back on.


One of my favorite Ludlum novels.