The Opposition Thread


It’s a Chick issue, not a discord issue.


I thought we all just kind of agreed the proper nomenclature was “why the hell doesn’t this forum have a like button?”

Oh and as predicted, Puzder has removed himself from consideration for Labor Secretary. Presumably to spend more time with his family.


I’m sure they’re just thrilled.



This is the best way to like on this forum. I’m using this from now on.


[Digression] We’ve talked about doing a test run of the like button here. There are some people who are vehemently opposed to like buttons, to the point that they’ve made it very clear that they no longer would want to be a part of the community if we used them. I don’t feel strongly either way and have sort of gotten used to them not being here. Anyhow, maybe Tom will revisit it in a few months.




Yeah, I remember reading their arguments. We have avatars and embedded gifs and videos now, and the whole place hasn’t gone up in flames, so maybe they’ll be willing to change their minds about likes now? But I doubt it.

I mean, people would gamify their posts and just do lowest common denominator shit for points and no real discussions could ever happen again. Obviously.

Likes have clearly destroyed the internet.


They haven’t helped it, IMO.

I’m anti like, but whatevs. Not my decision.


Yeah, I’m pro like, but whatevs. Not my decision.

I feel basically the same as you but different. :)

Anyways, we can all agree that for whatever reason this community is pretty awesome.


Glad we agree!

I know that I use them in other formats, but consider that some of the worst, most toxic, and generally useless places on the internet have likes. So I’m not keen on having them just because Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have them. They are, at best, an innocuous addition. At worst…


Literally space Hitler.


Allcaps is discord issue, unless Tom has decreed that particular feature not be disabled. . .



DO NOT SPEAK ILL OF THE DISCOURSE! Lest ye be thumped by Wumpus. (Also Discord is that other thing ;) )


So anyway here I am typing on Disqus and I’m like what a fuckin dumb name that is


I got ninety nine problems but a Chick ain’t one


“The Opposition Thread” has taken on a different meaning, now.



I heard there was a video of Trump paying two women to “like” each other on a bed Obama once slept in.


Speaking of ‘lock em up’, I would love to get all of these various Trump threads condensed into one.