The Opposition Thread


Can the forum software survive such a concentrated dose of idiocy?


And a me issue as well, I hate like buttons!


“The optimism opposition pessimism we are doomed oh god the universe is ending whither democrats Trump tweetpository Russian agents secretly run the government Sean Spicer is a douche thread.” Let’s do it!


… I actually think we need more threads. At the very least we need a non-Donald, non-Russia, non-Muslim Ban scandals-inside-the-Administration thread (Puzder came and went with barely a mention, and DeVos, Mnuchin, etc aren’t getting their due here either.)

I’m pretty sure we’ll need a Military Adventurism thread soon as well.


If you happen to know anyone who’s planning to protest the upcoming Saturday Trump rally in Melbourne, apparently there’s some speculation that It’s a Trap.

[details=Full tweet thread]@MelissaJPeltier’s thread

This is a warning to either stay away or plan accordingly

Rally is being promoted by @RoguePOTUSStaff - a Bannon disinformation account outed by @LouiseMensch . They WANT protesters there.

WH is DESPERATE to change the narrative. They’re on the defensive & want #TheResistance on the defensive…but worse. They NEED to be able to smear their opposition as crazy leftists, NOT concerned citizens & soccer moms & dads. Ultimate goal is to BAN PROTESTS.

They are setting up protesters at this event to look like violent rioters. Expect infiltrators to make sure that will happen.

…people could get hurt. 6) I am NOT an organizer. But IMHO a #ReichstagFire event has been on Bannon’s to-do list since election.

So to me, it makes sense to BOYCOTT this Rally entirely. Plan an alt demonstration somewhere far away. Do NOT give him the chance to smear peaceful protesters. Let him see how unpopular he is. Let Alt-Right agitators lying in wait twiddle their thumbs.

Turn your attention to your congressional reps, NOT Trump. The truth faucet is on and can’t be turned off by 1 Rally unless YOU let them.[/details]


That seems like the rationalization of a crazy person.


Perhaps, but HuffPo and (an editorial in) alJazeera warned about the possibility days ago, before this event was announced.


I’m one of those who hates like buttons- I feel it would divide the community up, esp in here.

Maybe in the non-politics forums it would be ok, but not here. The absolute last thing I want is to divide the community, or make reasonable conservatives unwelcome here.


Insert witticism here


I like likes, and I prefer them because it means I don’t see as much clutter in a thread.

That being said, like all things in life, likes must be used in moderation, and can’t be used in place of written responses (at least not in place of written response that say more than “I like that”).

EDIT: Because writing is hard.


I’m not sure how a like button would result in such a thing.
Pretty sure no one is gonna cry and go home if they don’t get enough likes.


I’d rather not have one just because it’s pointless.

The occasional personalized like thing people do is more effective anyway.


It’s clearly a concession to Trump’s fragile ego, just in case he posts here.


+1 likes for @ShivaX +0 likes for @Timex

Is that how you do it? Seems a bit unwieldy ;)

Likes don’t bother me, per se, but I don’t see any value. And, at their worst, do tend discourage unpopular opinions as they tend to receive less ‘likes’ than consensus.





You guys are making me imagine television shows that never existed. But should have.


Her hair is kind of like the original BSG helmet.