The Opposition Thread



Like! I imagine this is the cut shot right as she’s blasted into smithereens.


A few minutes of listening to that press conference was all I could take. 1 sentence about Acosta being the new nominee and then on to the dishonest media and his great electoral college victory.


I’m still listening. I can’t believe he still prefaces The New York Times with “failing” every single time he mentions them.

Plus all the incoherent ranting about dishonest media and fake news.


He’s got his own reality going, in no way could the New York Times be considered “failing”. Their subscriptions are way up and I believe they announced they were bringing on a bunch of new journalists. One might fairly say that Trump has helped make journalism great again.


Had to leave 30 seconds into it, I’ll have to watch a rebroadcast or stream later today. Sitting in a waiting room at the moment. Sigh.


When I read your post at a glance, I thought it was a sarcastic commentary about how absurd it would probably be…then I realized you’d been watching the actual announcement.


Epithets are a literary device going straight back to Homer, and they’ve served Trump well.

Lyin’ Ted
Crooked Hillary
Failing New York Times
Fake News CNN

Trump tries to drill a pipeline straight to the reptile brain, and so far it’s paid off.


The short-fingered vulgarian has had plenty of experience with them over the years.


Small-handed Trump, his hair like Medusa’s with snakes of gold.


“Melania, grab my Massive Penis!”


Someone needs to come up with a good, solid epithet for Donald. Not something purely mean like “Baby Hands” or something he’s already used like Lyin’ or Crooked, but something that captures his biggest weakness, like Donnie Twitter Fingers or Put-on Don or Swamp-Cabinet Donald. Something that doesn’t emphasize the fact that he’s President would be better than something like Tweeter-in-Chief, and the epithet should probably be about either his instability, his hypocrisy, or his general swampishness, as opposed to the 800 other things that are wrong with him but generally not of concern to people who might support him.


It’s interesting how completely Whiny Little Bitch didn’t stick despite Maher pushing it for like a year.

How about Swampy Don?




Don the Diva?


Ferret Top?


Don the Con.


Comrade Spray Tan

I just choked on my water. Thanks for that.


Nothing would infuriate him more than insinuating he’s a woman.


Donnie Dementia