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When Trump made a quip about CNN’s low ratings, Acosta piped up that they actually weren’t bad. And, indeed, CNN’s ratings have been on the rise during the period when the White House has been shunning the network.
Trump complains that he ‘inherited a mess’ in rant against media

“They wear those insults as a badge of honor, because it means they are doing their jobs,” Zucker said, referring to the network’s reporters and employees. “I would say that morale is incredibly high … They are not being intimidated, they are not backing down, they know they have my full support and it is a very exciting time, frankly, to be a journalist at CNN.”

Added Zucker, “If there is any issue, it is because they are exhausted. The pace has been nonstop, and it has not let up.”

In his back-and-forth with Trump, Acosta declared “just for the record, we don’t hate you,” while a twinkle-eyed Trump asked Acosta whether he was related to his pick for labor secretary, Alexander Acosta.




Obviously Adm. Harward has been a victim of false news from the media. The President say his administration is running like a finely tuned machine.


It’s funny if true, but kind of a bummer that Harward’s friend offered it up. Unless Harward gave thumbs up to do it


Chuck Todd: I know people say the way to get in with Trump is to compliment him, but are his staff over complimenting him and creating problems like this?
Ramesh Ponnuru: Well yesterday Hope Hicks was quoted as saying 'his brilliance is only matched by his stamina.'
Todd: Wait… that’s a real quote?

One month in, folks. One month.
AND he has the full support of Republican voters.

We are in this for the long haul. Those opposed to Trump have to vote in droves in 2018. Seems like an eternity.


The long-term problem with being beloved by the GOP faithful but not by anyone else is that the GOP isn’t that popular (more people identify/lean as Dems, and more still as Independents) and skews overwhelmingly older. The crew may support the captain of the ship, but the ship is gradually sinking in the sea of demographic change.

Someday we’ll see Corbyn/Labour situation where the party stalwarts are fiercely supportive of their leader - but the party has shrunk to the point where it’s incapable of affecting anything.

Sadly for the country, though, right now is not “someday.”

Best we can hope for in the immediate future is to chip off more old-school GOPers and turn them into Independents (which happened a lot during the latter half of the W era.)




This line of thinking is promising if

A) There remains a country for conservatives to get old and die in
B) If the GOP doesn’t continue to enact measures that will ensure their continued power (voting rights restrictions, increasing militarization, increasing corporate rights, and decreased education quality to ensure their kind of voters continue to exist).


I think enough whites are getting mad at Trump that voter suppression will be countered by that, and that people will go through the hoops to vote (those voter restrictions outside of gerrymandering are slightly harmful)- the big reason minority vote turnout went down was that those voters didn’t like Hillary- at least according to the campaign worker locally I talk to here who is trying to encourage me to run.



By the way, not sure how many of you are watching Robert Reich’s daily Resistance Report, but IMO it’s a good resource.


Today on Clickbait Misleading Headlines:


That’s not how that works.

… Though it does make it sound kinda like a Harry Potter spell. “Amendmentarius!”



When I first saw that picture, I thought someone was holding up a tiny picture on their phone as a sign, and I thought, “Well that’s just lazy.”


Ha. I actually had the thought of sketching a sign on my iPad.


Love me some They Live signage.


I can’t get an accurate headcount but it’s at least 500. Probably closer to 1000. Far cry from Women’s March but respectable I guess. Anything going on on other towns?


So you mean, biggest crowd EVER? Yuuuge! Watch the media under report it!