The Order

I expected a disaster and walked out pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a far cry from being a masterpiece, but I thought it was surprisingly good all things considered.

Too bad that I’ve sworn to God that I’ll need to be dragged kicking and screaming into any film starring (and especially featuring) Heath Ledger.

Why are there only five reviews for this one up at Rotten Tomatoes? Is there some sort of nationwide reviewer boycott of the movie?

Nope. The movie was test-screened last year under it’s original title, The Sin-Eater, and the audience apparently howled at the special effects which were supposed to be scary. Apparently it was a disaster of epic proportions.

The studio had the FX redone, and then basically switched release dates three times to drop this film into a “soft” weekend. Fearing the same backlash the film had originally received, they didn’t screen it at all for critics, which is usually a sign by the studio that they know they have a flaming turkey on their hands.

Search around the godawful Ain’t it cool news site for a fairly decent re-telling of the original screening debacle.

Heh – I liked him in that knight movie – A Knight’s Tale? He’s a hottie, according to my daughter.

You know, this “daughter” alibi grows increasingly suspect.

Cool. Maybe I’ll go see it to get into Horror-mode for the Matri…er, Underworld, next week. :wink:

Just be aware that it is not a horror movie at all. In fact it’s a rather talky, somewhat cerebral film.

My main beef with it was it didn’t get you into the setting very well, so a scene will have something rather extraordinary going on but it feels like it was just put in there to shock rather than to forward the narrative.

Aint-it-cool-news has the single worst search engine of any site that has ever been, is now, or ever will be in existence. If I search for The Sin-Eater as such, I get an unmanageable 379 pages of hits. If I put it in quotes, I get one hit, which contains a grand total of no information on the movie. I think those free search engines you can add to websites work better than this junk.

It’s not a horror movie? The TV ads are quite deceptive then.

I want my 2 hours back.

That movie was the SINGLE worst movie I’ve seen in theaters since I sat through “Equilibrium.”

Did it at least have gun-katas?

Did you say…


That would’ve been the ONLY thing that could’ve made the movie worse than Equilibrium.

I wrote a rather scathing review on it for a user-contribution-based website, but seeing as how this site is populated by professional writers, I won’t be linking to it for fear of being torn to shreds. ;)

I went to the theater today with the plan that I would see whatever was starting. So I saw this. Or, rather, I saw the first 40 minutes of it and then walked out in sheer boredom. Worst movie I’ve seen in a long time.

I’m still trying to figure out how Heath Ledger bagged Naomi Watts. She’s not only a decade older than him, but she could literally have any guy she wants! And she chose him.

I agree, i thought it was gonan be another shitty horror, but it was far from it. I reccomend it.

Having read this, I went to see the movie. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise, because the film was panned by every critic with a whit of taste.

But I took the word of 1 real person over the chorus of critical disdain.

I walked into the movie and said to a friend, “Just keep telling yourself you’re gonna see the shittiest movie ever.” I figured that if we got in the mindset we were gonna be bored shitless, we’d enjoy it no matter what. Underpromise and overdeliver, etc.

I was wrong. It may not have been THE shittiest movie of all time, but it makes my Top 10 shittiest list.

You owe me $6.50. I won’t charge you for the Dr. Pepper I got for refreshment, because I did get some enjoyment out of that.

Well, I’d be curious to hear why it’s making everyone’s top ten shit list. Like I said, I walked in expecting a disaster and thought it was okay. I don’t regret seeing it and I got some enjoyment out of it. It was a lot of talk, which slowed it down, but I thought it tried to maintain some level of intelligence and didn’t pander to the audience too much.

It was a lot of poorly-written talk. Me and my moviegoing friend both agreed that it was some of the most dumb and inane dialogue we’d ever seen in a movie.

The first conversation he has with the hot chick is so cryptic and vague you gotta wonder if you fell asleep and missed something important, or if the writer was just trying way too fucking hard to be cryptic and vague for some arty bullshit reason.

The cinematography was utter crap. It was like he saw Se7en and Dark City, tried to ape it, but didn’t have a clue what the hell he was doing.

I’m not even gonna criticize the acting. I think someone else can take that job, I’m done bitching about this movie.

Worst Movie I’ve seen in 2 years, EVAR.