The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek

Welp, this could be awesome or terrible.

No I am pretty sure it will be terrible.

Your move, Star Trek: Discovery.

Wow. Yeah. REALLY terrible then.

Looks awesome, not sure it’ll be…

That’s a nice trailer. Was that the voice of Andre Braugher I heard behind all that makeup, playing as the Alien crewmember who only pees once a year?

Looks awful.

The cast is great. The writing…concerns me.

Man, everything about this looks terrible to me. I mean, okay, Adrianne Palicki always looks good, but Seth MacFarlane hamming it up as the star? No thanks.

He was impossible to take about midway through the trailer.

So it’s A Million Ways to Die in Outer Space.

I currently don’t have sound at my desktop at work, but this serie is supposed to be a comedy? Or more like a parody on Star Trek?

The special effects (on the ships) are ok, nothing too fancy but ok. :)

They could sell this to me if then don’t take themselves too seriously.


It’s supposed to be a parody. Only problem is that Seth is a bit of hit or miss, so, fingers crossed? I’m sure it won’t be “By Grabthar’s hammer… what a savings.” good, but good enough I hope?

Looks pretty awful to me.

Boy, looks terrible.

McFarlane’s live action stuff is super groan worthy. He’s super talented though.

I think McFarlane is all wrong as the captain. I think you need more of a straight man the crew can make fun of, like Barry Bostwick in Spin City or the goofiness of a Leslie Nielsen in Police Sqaud. McFarlane is the sly dog, practically grinning at the camera when he makes his jokes. McFarlane would do better in a supporting role, or just get out from in front of the camera and write and produce.

Maybe it’s because McFarlane isn’t likeable enough. He’s a bit too smarmy.

That trailer was pretty great. Looks fun. Ted was fun, didn’t bother seeing Ted 2, and couldn’t finish the western one. But, a sci-fi spoof looks fun, and the cast around Mcfarlane is looking pretty funny in the trailer.

Looking forward to fox running one season of this new sci fi show, it being a favorite online with fans, and then them waffling about canceling it for 6 months before axing it to fund 2 more seasons of Lethal Weapon.