The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


I have to admit I was impressed that they had the cojones to tackle a big issue like gender bias in only their third episode. Other than a couple of jarring lines played for laughs (still seems to be an issue with the writing for this show) I thought they handled it very well. It definitely gave off a very strong TNG vibe.

In fact, the entire show seems to be what would have happened in TNG if instead of Picard and LaForge the Enterprise had been captained and piloted by those two guys down the hall at college who always got drunk on a weekday, passed out and missed their morning classes the next day.


The best one is the one I can watch. Which is not discovery, since it is behind a pay wall.



I tried watching Orville Ep2, but the FOX NOW Android app crashes after any advertisements, and then loses your place.


Should you happen to subscribe, I suggest Hulu as the watching site of choice - the FOX NOW thing is awful, imho.


That crash on ads happens with AMC as well… Sucks. It has happened for years. I don’t understand why they can’t get something so seemingly simple working. Buy someone else’s product?

I did read somewhere it may have to do with the ad server itself - it can’t provide an ad and there’s an error so the whole app dies. Probably flawed code to combat adblockers.


Reminder: New episode in about an hour.

I think I’ll watch the first half of the Vietnam War’s last episode, then switch to Orville, then Thursday Night Football or Destiny 2 (damn you Microsoft for taking away Snap mode), and then the 2nd hour of the Vietnam War.


This show would be better if they just abandoned the stupid humor crap.


Or at least give up every single ex-wife joke. It’s like half the jokes!

It does seem to be trending to be less humorous. Fourth episode was nothing special but I enjoyed it.


I really liked tonight’s episode. Sure, some of the humor fell a bit flat, but some of it was great. “A thousand light years from home, and you’re still awkward in the elevator.” Loved that.

This is, for all intents and purposes, a Star Trek series. And it’s good Star Trek.


Yeah, I enjoyed that episode too. It felt a little flat at the end, but I liked most of the episode, so it’s a thumbs up.


This is TNG mixed with TOS mixed with actually decent jokes.

The episode tonight was right out of a TOS episode where they find the same exact thing. I liked some of the one liners in context.

“Is your ship much like ours?”
“Yeah, almost. There’s less chance of Lyme disease walking through our ship.”


I still think most of the humor bits fall flat, but then, maybe I’m not the target audience. Aimed more at folks that want a connection to the current world than sci-fi nerds, seems to me.

Having said that, I still like the show 'cause it’s a pretty good Star Trek clone. We can always use more of that. This week’s episode held no surprises from the moment they walked into the “biodome” area but seemed fairly well executed. The android and the doctor aren’t doing a lot for me, but the other characters are at least moderately interesting.


I like the show a lot, but the humor often tends to be out of place to the extent that it kind of breaks any potential for immersion.

Not all of the jokes, but a bunch of them do. It’s like, you’re watching Star Trek, and then suddenly you’re reminded that it’s Seth MacFarlane as the actor, rather than the character.

It seems like they’re slowly reducing it? I feel almost like it was forced upon them to get Fox to give Seth a show… but he knows that it doesn’t really fit within the show’s feel.


It’ll be interesting to see if the show can find the right tone, or if they can do it before Fox moves them to Saturday at 3:30pm or something. Sometimes it takes a little while to get it right (see Parks and Rec), but I have my doubts that Fox is the network that can see that through.


I so much hope this show suceeds. Star Trek but semi-comedic sounds perfect to me, and I like Seth’s movies (that I have seen).


I think one fascinating aspect to the show has to be the lack of a prime directive


In the most recent episode, I’m not sure the Prime Directive would have applied, since they were a spacefaring race that had suffered an unexpected emergency that reduced them to their weird state.

Overall, I do agree that the humour falls flat more often than succeeding, but I did snicker at the Captain’s listing of various famous English authors.


Liam Neeson was a nice touch. And I’m glad the whole episode wasn’t about the relationship woes of the Klingonese guys, like the intro set up.


The humour sucks most of the time because Seth’s delivery just sucks. Most of the others casts’ delivery is far less jarring.