The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Yeah the episode was good, they really need to just drop all the humor, or have Seth stop at least. :)


I watched the first 4 episodes finally. I like the humor even when it fails. It’s like…part of its charm.
It is pretty much exact copy of TNG, only with characters who sometimes make a (even bad) joke and in general behave more like normal humans. I like it quite a lot, and I like the cast. MacFarlane has good chemistry with Palicki.


I love that the Colonel from Space Above and Beyond was in the last episode. Loving the cameos so far.


I know him as Bill from 24 :)

Oh and that Friends joke. It was so dorky yet hilarious.


Hahahahaha, yeah, the Friends joke was stupidly adorable.


Remind me of the Friends joke?


During the interrogation scene;

with menace: “Where … are … your … freinds?”
“Okay … I’ll tell you. There’s a little coffee shop on Lafayette Street in Soho called Central Perk. My friends are there. Just … please; don’t hurt the monkey.”


Thanks, now I remember. :-)


He will forever be Nipple Neck to me.


That’s racist!


So, in the other thread @Miguk said episode 4 was about Global warming, and that it was so obvious that there was no subtlety at all?

Thanks for making me feel stupid even asking this question, well done: How was the episode about global warming? I thought it was about a colony ship headed to resettle their civilization who over the generations had forgotten about the journey they were on. How was it in any way about global warming?


It had a less-than-subtle jab at one point at “people who are way invested in the way things are” and how it keeps them from seeing new evidence.


Religious people refusing to accept the truth that they’re doomed if they keep going on the same course. Also they’re flying into the sun. Also they’re hillbillies who greet strangers by blasting away at them with shotguns.


I saw that more as a commentary on people getting so entrenched in religious beliefs. Like any good science fiction allegory, that can apply to so much more than just global warming. I think you’re narrowing the message of this story way too much. As for the hillbillies with shotguns, I think that’s just Seth wanting to have fun with having an Old West setting. He loves the Old West, and I like the setting too.


Agreed - it was a good tale that was done in such a way that while it applied well to global warming, yes, but it really was covering a lot of ground in one go. I liked it.


Great episode again! I was surprised to see Charlize Theron as the guest star. Humor was minimal, but funny when it was there. This show is rapidly becoming my favorite thing on TV, even if @divedivedive won’t give it a chance. :)


I will reevaluate my decision once the season has ended. In the meantime, I am lurking.


Fun episode tonight, very adventurey!


Really, really liked tonight’s episode. They’ve found the right balance on the humor. The practical joke stuff was wonderful.


The ending didn’t make any sense to me.

They said that if they destroyed the wormhole to the future, it would stabilize the timeline, and then they said she would never have come into the past, and that’s presumably why she disappeared. But then, if she never came to the past, she never saved the Orville and all those events should be reverted too..

Oh well, best not to think about it in too much detail. It was a fun episode.