The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Yeah, I know it’s going to garner a lot of dislike from fans, but I just wanted to write it down for posterity so I can point to it if it happens. It’s a thought I had while watching the episode and being completely bored watching the character interact with actual people.


I’m in the same boat. This episode and his practical joke were deadpan comedy gold for me.


It would be easier if she hadn’t killed the one person on the planet who could help. #justsaying



Didn’t we just cover this?



Fox’s website hasn’t worked for me for like… 4 days now.

Also the layout makes finding anything annoying and like 7 clicks or something.

Edit: But I can watch literally anything else. Grr.


Yeah, the fox website is horrible about The Orville. That’s why I just try to catch it live now.


Just caught up on this show in the past week, up through the social-media episode, so my comments probably echo earlier posts:

Better than I expected it to be. But also extremely derivative–most of the episodes are almost straight rewrites of old ST episodes.

I appreciate that he is willing to take on hard topics–the gender reassignment episode was startling, if not a bit shocking, and I’m glad they didn’t take the easy road out. The social media episode, on the other hand, was just unsubtle and rather stupid imo.

I hate hate hate the constant references to the 20th century. We don’t sit around here in the 21st century constantly referencing 17th century pop culture. Nobody remembers it. They really need to drop that aspect. If they want to make jokes, they should be current. Human nature clearly hasn’t changed that much, they could lampoon themselves at their current timeline.

And while they are at it, just cut back on the humor overall. Most of it doesn’t land well and takes you out of the story. Some parts work fine–the Mr. Potato Head thing was funny (if dated) and I thought (once it became clear limbs could be regenerated) that the leg amputation was an absolutely brilliant practical joke. But a lot of the one-liners are just not useful to the show.

And finally, I find Seth McFarlane the weakest part of the show. He’s just not a good actor. The rest of the crew are doing fairly well, but he just stumbles through.


It gets better® No seriously it does.

I thought the dialog between the kids and data stand-in was wonderful this week.



My wife, who is a teacher, absolutely ADORED the dialogue between Isaac and the kids. “Teacher/parent porn” she called it.


See my wife and I hated the trope that all kids just keep on fighting while the parent yells and nothing happens no matter how much they yell and the parent just shakes their heads and says, “Kids… whattareyagonnado???”

You know, instead of actually… parenting?

I hang out with families and kids all the time given that I have 3 kids and often attend birthdays etc and it’s so rare that the kids behave as bad as the regularly behave on TV that I can talk to my wife about people that way. Like, “you know, those people with the very poorly behaved children?”


Ugh, I started that episode and I stopped watching a couple of minutes in. Listening to those kids and that parental reaction exhausted me. “IF I HAVE TO GO BACK THERE!!!” Seriously, do people really talk like that?


I thought the kids’ fighting was toned down compared to real life. My brother got married to a lady who already had two daughters. And I used to babysit those two all the time. And they fought sooooo much. Way worse than what was on this episode. Sometimes I’d sit them down and tell them “You’re sisters! You should be helping each other and be friends and allies to on another and have someone close that your rely on! Why are you wasting that and fighting all the time over unimportant trivia?”

Of course, that had no effect. But they did grow up and become close when they got older.

I had a similar relationship with one of my brothers growing up. We fought all the time, and parents and my older brothers had to intervene a lot.


Absolutely! definitely reflects a few parents I know. I have no kids and try not to criticize others on their parenting skills, but man I see this so often and am glad I don’t have to deal with it…


The only thing unbelievable about the kids fighting is that they seemed to keep doing it while the ship was careening out of control and they all might die for too long. Otherwise it seemed about right. Siblings live to annoy the shit out of each other and drive their parents crazy doing it.


That episode was great. The humor is finally getting better and falling into place.


I won’t spoil it here, but the casting of the blue visitor was genius.


Might have just been the funniest episode to date, super enjoyable.


Man, I must be completely out of the mainstream on this one. I thought it was a terrible episode, necessary only to (I hope) finally eliminate the worst of the cheating jokes.


I hope this show will evolve into having episodes that are 80/20 serious or 80/20 comedy and not trying to make it 50/50. So I see this as a step in the right direction.

Of course this is The Orville so every episode has an incredibly creepy side to it. The captain basically is getting Bill Cosbeyed, but at the last moment the rapist decides not to rape. Not because rape is wrong, but for other reasons. And it’s all just kind of laughed off. Now, maybe this is really problematic of me, but I don’t think they would have made this episode with the woman being the potential rape victim and treat it like that.


Except they did. His pheromones affected both the second in command and the doctor. And they hinted that the initial cheating moment could have also been because she had no choice due to the effect on the pheromones.

I agree with ineffablebob, not one of their better episodes. And I hope it does put to rest the cheating storyline and jokes.