The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


I found it bizarre that they never even brought up the question of whether the captain is bisexual or not. If he is, why don’t they have even one line of dialogue to mention it? If he’s straight, is he supposed to be happy afterward that “at least we had some great sex”? Is it like that cartoon on Bill Nye’s show where the straight ice cream cone is really uptight until the gay ice cream cones gang rape him and he learns to enjoy it?


Which Bill Nye are you talking about? Is there more than one?


Bill Nye the “Science” Guy


There is no choice on the part of Darulio’s partners and Darulio himself is fully aware of the effects of his condition. Yeah, that’s basically rape with roofies. Another thing that bothered me is the “federation” has history with this species and yet they know nothing about the pheromone effect? Thats cheap plot hand waving bullcrap. They did the same thing with the social media planet. How did they not know about the legal system there when they had agents embedded in society, who had reported back? I would think that this would be the first thing they reported on. I like The Orville but the plots are really weak.


Well, vanilla licks first and then jumps all of them and then they have an orgy. I see zero gang rape.

I’ve never seen that before and now that I’ve watched it I think you really misrepresented it.


Just as I was about to play the above video my 3 year old popped over my shoulder and excitedly goes “Ice Cream!”. And then sat there expecting me to watch the ice cream video. Lol.


Jelly wants what the jelly wants.


Last night’s episode was okay. My favorite moment was when Bortus walked into the simulator dressed up to play with the guys.


Agreed. Being slightly pressured to change your mind about something is not gang rape.


Obviously I was using hyperbole because it was a silly cartoon about ice cream cones. But I think pressuring and physically intimidating people… err… ice cream cones to engage in sexual activity they’ve said they don’t want to do is pretty fucking creepy. I’d feel the same way if it was straight male ice cream cones telling a lesbian ice cream cone that they knew deep down inside she really wanted it.

Anyway, I liked this last episode. It wasn’t earth-shatteringly amazing, but it helped develop the characters, and that’s what you need in the first season of any show. Once again the writers did a great job of taking ideas from multiple TNG episodes and rearranging them into a new story. There were moments where I thought “Ahhh… I see what you did there” but I didn’t feel like I was just wasting my time watching a copy of a TNG episode.


Humans, hillbillies of the galaxy.

Good episode, what surprised me how well the fight scenes were done, really physical and well shot.


Agreed - I really liked it. Once everyone vanished, I thought of the bubble universe episode of TNG where Dr. Crusher has to be rescued, but I like this one better in most respects (although I loved Crusher’s banter with the ship’s computer and application of logic in that episode a lot).


Agreed with both Paul and Dan, loved this episode. Since my favorite character is Alara it worked great for me. Spiders though…not so much…


Fun ride this week, although was anyone at all surprised that she was actually stuck in the whatever-name-they-made-up-to-mean-holodeck? Would have been a real shock after the clown if it had been anything other than that, or maybe a malfunction in that system that spread it around the ship.


I knew the ending would be something we’d already seen on Star Trek before, but they kept the possibilities open enough that I wasn’t sure what it would be until near the end.


Pretty cool that the hologram Doctor from ST Voyager was Alara’s dad. I’m almost wondering if Patrick Stewart will appear in a role, given his working relationship with Seth on American Dad.


Well, we’ve already had Jonathan Frakes and Robert Duncan McNeill behind the camera, so why the heck not?


Captain Picard is basically in every thing Seth McFarlane creates, so why the hell not? I’d love to see Stewart play an alien leader or something. His schitck lately is the inappropriate goofball, but I’d love to see him in a role with some gravitas on TV.


Perhaps a Shakespearean character that somehow takes over the ship from the Holodeck.

Something like that happened in TNG if I recall. :)


Moriarty from one of Data’s forays into Sherlock Holmes cosplay.

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