The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


New episode tonight so your timing is exquisite!


True! Let’s just pretend that was on purpose. ;)


I actually didn’t like the lastest one, and my wife noped out as soon as the clown showed up. I have to say the ending to this one was pretty lame and I didn’t think it advanced anyone’s character, moved any plot forward or had anything too interesting. Kind of a skippable episode, IMO. Hoping they have a great one tonight, this is my favorite network show right now. Ok, it’s the only network show I watch. Lol.


Great episode tonight. That was quite impressive. After the Nosedive-type social media episode, I really hated this character. But they managed to make me like him again. Quite the reversal. I guess they decided that one goofball character on the show was enough.


The stuff with the captain bugged us. He was indeed a little bitch, but hopefully it doesn’t come up again. Otherwise god damned fantastic episode. I hope Yaphet is okay with things.


I liked that bit of CGI. There’s actually a feeling of “discovery” of strange new worlds in this show. Seeing too much of the captain makes me feel like Lurr watching a “Joey-heavy episode” of Friends, but I can live with it.


Clown episode and 2D rift were both weak episodes. :(

Robert Picardo as Alara’s father was a nice touch. :)


Damn, how’s it feel to be so wrong? ;)


They sure aren’t stinting on the STTNG references, are they? Android-cat jokes, bridge crew member takes over as engineering head. What’s next, Alara dies and a Krill takes over as security officer?

I was disappointed they didn’t have a heart-to-heart moment with John and Yaphet to smooth things over. Might come up again later on.


Yeah, I think we needed a line or two of dialogue explaining Yaphet’s feelings on the final decision, hopefully we’ll get that. I mean maybe once he saw John was willing to fall on a grenade for him, he was cool with the decision, but I’d love to know for sure.


Season finale tonight. I hope they go out on a high note.


Not a bad finale, though like many episodes it was incredibly predictable. Maybe I just read/watch too much sci-fi. Well executed, though.

The tossing game was hilarious. We definitely need to see more Bordus games!


It was predictable enough that I predicted it before the series even started airing. Seth MacFarlane whines about religion and imagines that everyone who lived in the past was retarded. Bonus points for the line “A god does not bleed!” Despite his obsessive hatred of Christians, he can’t be bothered to have the most basic grasp of what they believe.

I’m not offended or anything, I’m just bored. This is the problem with political extremists. You already know exactly what they’re going to say, so why bother listening?


I didn’t think it was all THAT bad. I mean, the “Bishop” dude who got the healing gizmo demo seemed ready to tell people what he’d learned, but his assistant was obviously a venal a-hole only in it for the wealth and power. There were plenty of people like that in our history–still are.
I’ll grant you that the clothes and such were a bit on the nose in evoking Medieval Christian Europe, though.
I was racking my brains trying to figure out who the young woman ambassador was at the end, and then I remembered that she was on Justified.


I saw a very similar episode years ago on one Star Trek show or other. The ship was stuck in some kind of temporal thingamabob above a planet which evolved quickly using the ship as a star in the sky for inspiration. Until they eventually advanced enough to help the ship get out of the phenomenon.


I liked that episode of Voyager.

@Miguk, again, I don’t think it was a negative portrayal of Christianity. Unless you think he’s saying Christianity was a misunderstanding and Jesus was probably an alien and his advanced technology got misinterpreted as miracles.

I viewed it as another Trek episode about the Prime directive. They’re showing what can happen if you interfere with cultures before they’re ready to understand contact with other beings. I agree that it was pretty predictable, and hit all the usual marks you expect them to hit. But I still enjoyed the episode overall. The parts on the ship with the crew were great, including the Bortus game. The bits on the planets were well done considering they had to get a lot of extras to do a few of these scenes.

And I liked the message at the end too. Sure, if you disobey the prime directive, you could end up messing with a culture for a few hundred years. But once they reach the space age, it will hardly matter. I guess the important part is that Kelly didn’t leave behind technology that could have interfered with their development in more unpredictable ways.


I’m just glad to see that Perd Hapley found work after leaving Pawnee, even if it was on another planet.


Yeah, I was all, Hey it’s Perd!


And that’s the Word, with Perd.


Right? I knew the voice immediately, and it took a sec for my wife to realize why I was freaking out.