The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Looks like we may have to wait till 2019 for more episodes. Good news is season 2 will be longer.


Yay! 🙌




Boo! Orville sucks!


No, you suck!


Best new show of 2017. Seriously, I was ready with my haterade but I loved it. If that smarmy bastard didn’t go and create TNG 2. Whut? This guy cinea outta left field and rejects (almost) his Family Guy roots for Cosmos. What a pleasant surprise.


Amen, brother.


That would probably be more of a draw for me if I had greater affection for TNG the first time around. At least tell me they cut down on the gobbledygook technobabble.


It’s a little early to judge their reliance on technobabble. It’s only been around for 12 or so episodes. I’d say it’s probably used the same amount as TNG so far, generally speaking. It’s used to explain away scenarios as they come up, as needed by the script. It doesn’t feel like too much or anything. But then, I thought the same with TNG.


I finally caught up. Goddamn that was good. So much better than the chunk of Discovery I slogged through.

That got strong and just kept going. I really enjoyed that. And not just because I’m a little in love with Adrienne Pallicki.





Hooray, Fake TNG for all! :-)


This BLEW AWAY Star Trek discovery on all levels, so I’m in for as much as they can give us. Woo!


Yeah Orville is such a feel good show, shame it is still so many months away


I really adore the theme music. Totally reminds me of the TNG music in tone (which admittedly is martial).

As a matter of fact I liked all of the musical themes for the Star Trek shows a lot (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager) except for of course Enterprise’s which opted for some crappy Bryan Adams-sounding thing. Ugh.


Agreed. I watched Discovery because of a recap podcast I follow along with it, but if it hadn’t been for that, I’d have given up on it. It’s just so much garbage.


Now lets not hype talk up Discovery too much guys, I was gonna sub for a month to watch the first season this week. :p


So watch it and make up your own mind. Some of us can’t stand it, some of us love it, however incorrect that opinion might be. ;)


And some of us would rather open a vein than watch anything Seth McFarland is attached to. Just sayin’.