The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


She’s good. What was she on DS9? Guest character? I don’t remember her.





Yeah I haven’t seen that. I have seen all of TNG and VOY, but not TOS or DS9. One day…


Wow, yeah, one of these days you should consider watching the good Trek.


Ok, after Orville ends I will try DS9…


What Dive said.


when you watch TOS, watch the remastered version, it really stops you from being taken out of the story by bad 60s effects.


Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The new planet special effects are sometimes inferior. @Left_Empty really makes some good points about this.


Yeah there’s always going to be the styrofoam sets, the big flashing lights, the aliens that are really just actors in body paint. I consider the dated effects part of the charm, but I can see being put off by them.


I always liked the Horta on the old series. It was like a guy with a rug thrown over him.


The Horta episode scared me as a kid, but then a lot of stuff on Star Trek scared me. I don’t think the xenomorphs from Alien would have seemed out of place to me. In fact, I couldn’t watch the end credits because it always showed this image, which gave me nightmares:


And of course it just looks goofy to me now.


The writing was spectacular. I mean it was a guy with a rug thrown over him. But you really cared about that mother and her children. And the whole plight with the miners

Looked it up. Yep. Gene L. Coon Fantastic.


That scared me like the witch in Wizard of Oz scared me at 5. I don’t recall anything else that scared me at that age from the show.


Yeah, I remember the Horta as a kid, and it didn’t seem silly AT ALL. In fact, it kinda made me stop eating pizza and lasanga for a little while.


Really? Because I remember the salt vampire freaked me out, and messed-up Captain Pike from The Menagerie kind of spooked me too.


Pike never scared me and the salt monster (which I thought about before posting) didn’t scare me either.

Now the crippled “put back together wrong” Vina from The Menagerie did freak me out a bit. As did all the oogie-boogie in Catspaw.

Oh, and maybe Ruk from What Are Little Girls Made Of?


That’s because they’ve visited you in the night so many times now that your subconscious has become desensitized to them.

When I was a little kid (like around 3 or 4) my mom would let me watch reruns of Star Trek with her. The only creature on the show that she said ever freaked me out was the Gorn, and it scared me so bad she said I spent days wandering around ranting about “Teeth Monster!” and making the hissing noises the Gorn made on the show.

It’s still my favorite TOS creature.



It’s kind of a shame you barely ever hear mention of the Gorn again. Like, you never see them wandering around DS9, they only showed up once on TOS, once on TAS, and were mentioned elsewhere and that was it.


They’re the bad guys in the Star Trek video game that came out around the time of Into Darkness. But I think I may have been the only person who actually played that. Plus - it’s not very good. I mean, J. J. Abrams basically went on the record as saying the game was crap.