The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Oh yeah even I didn’t wanna play that thing.


There was a Gorn creeping around the ship on Enterprise but they made him CGI, skinnier and faster. None of the marching doom existential dread of the original. The original Gorn was a straight up slow walking serial killer out of a kid’s nightmare.

Man, Enterprise might have been good with a different theme song. The one or two episodes where they changed out the theme song for a more militaristic one showed me how much that song sucked. The video that went with the song was great too! Just the song sucked.


I did rent and play that game briefly. It had a weirdly emotional moment early on that got to me, about Kirk and Spock’s friendship, but yeah, other than that moment, I didn’t really enjoy it. It was just a generic third person shooter.


What episodes were the ones with a different theme?? Can one hear it somewhere online?


Google “Terran Empire Enterprise Theme”. You’ll know it on YouTube because the main “exploration theme” opening is replaced by a “conquering shit theme” opening.


Wow, I just watched it. I’m glad they didn’t end up going with that, because it makes the human race look like assholes (which many of its members are, admittedly). Still hate the crappy theme they ended up with, though. Whatever problems Voyager had as a series, it had a great theme:

And Deep Space 9’s theme-- amazing:

Those themes have some grandeur, is what I’m trying to say. We’re talking about interstellar civilizations here. They deserve a heroic theme like one of those, or TNG’s, or TOS’s.


That’s the Mirror Universe Enterprise theme, so, theme is fitting for a bunch of assholes.


Ah, I’d forgotten that detail.


Well, after finally seeing the whole season, I can surmise I like the TOS-TNG vibes and the lighthearted feel of the show (compared to that dreadfully dark Discovery) but I utterly dislike the dorkish jokes à la MacFarlane. If you have a good joke, squeeze it for all its worth but don’t force poor humor on viewers. Take that krill infiltration situation: extremely risky and the pilot doesn’t even bother for details? Instead that names buffoonery (sure, the “not -stein!” was a nice touch but the feel was surreal and very un-piqard-esque). Anyway, as the chieftain_guy said, after a while you grow to accept anything. The good thing I’ve read somewhere is that instead of 50-50 comedy and drama writers in the first season, for this new season it’ll be more like 80% drama 20% comedy writers on the scripts. I hope we’ll see something resembling the friendly banter and story deapth from Babylon5 (yes, not trek, but Orville is a new attempt so why not try what worked so well before?..)

Who is the lady on the right of MacFarlane at that banquet table in the trailer? She is not Alara but is still petite, has a distinctive one sided braid and has the same uniform colour. She is also not a navigator (in the trailer alone are 2 or 3 different pilots). Alara is figured in some sequences but is not present together with this new cast. She may be that Jessica Szohr but I could not see if she had Alara’s distinctive ridges (new actor for the same person). Also, that " I wanted only to …" line seems to indicate Alara character is gone…Perhaps (also trying to enunciate here) a love triangle is prepared for the captain, as his relation with his first officer would quickly have become impossible not to mention unacceptable in such a important position. That would leave openso many possibilities until the final episodes (whenever that may be).


I hope Alara isn’t gone, she’s my favorite.


According to, she is in a Netflix film shooting at the same time, so it sounds like her role in the next season will be reduced.


fewer but long commercials. 2 minute each or thereabout. Some say the first and the last commercial have the greatest retention…so they went with this new experiment. Fewer commercials, yes, but about he same amount of time spent on commercials. At least that was the gist of what I read somewhere. Possibly even more frequent (no more go to bathroom, won’t loose anything important…)



Love it.


I like the bits where MacFarlane is the straight guy responding to buffoonery around him, he’s not really so good at delivering jokes himself.

Happy to see a new season coming up! It’s a very comfy show.


Compared to The Expanse, Orville and the other new Trek are like glass shards. I guess I fell out of love with the show or the ideea of “we have all we need, let’s play”…does not mean I will not give it a try.


Season 2 premier on Dec 30th!



I’m fucking pumped! Been trying to get more friends into this show. It’s so much better than STD


I enjoy both, but I agree, I enjoy The Orville much more. It feels like TNG in spirit. STD feels like its own unique thing. It’s a thing I enjoyed, but it hits no nostalgia good vibes like The Orville does.


Pretty much anything is better than an STD.