The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek




OK, that was a terrible episode, I’m trying to see what you all see but I don’t get it.


Did you start with season 2?


I think I watched about 2/3rds of season one, I think I bailed on the dance episode. I just don’t like most of the characters (especially Scott Grimes) , the terrible alien masks, the ships aesthetics (so low tech) and the situations. This coming from a guy that liked “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and doesn’t mind Family Guy.
Tonight’s story could have been in suburbia.


And his cheating wife. Just not a good look. That said it is sorta entertaining in a way.


I enjoyed tonight’s episode quite a bit. It’s a good sign of the tone they’re trying to set. I laughed out loud quite often, but they still treated things seriously overall, it was a good mix.

I also kept watching afterward, and saw a new Family Guy for the first time in many years. It was an episode where they did “Peter gets Fired” as famous directors would do them, and the episode was really funny. I was very surprised.


I’m just watching now and want to reiterate how much they nailed the right tone with the musical theme that plays during the credits. Even a comedy space show needs to have the right rousing score. It is known.


I agree, it was a decent episode. It had some pacing issues, but overall was a good way to get me re-acclimated with the crew again, and introduce a few more characters as well. The “coming in season 2” montage at the end showed some pretty exciting stuff!


Wow, we waited almost a year for that crap? I expected the show to come back strong but instead we got the illegitimate love child of the worst episode of The Next Generation and The Days of Our Lives. The only thing good about it, considering the premise, was that somehow McFarlane withheld his normal obsession with banging us over the head with piss jokes for the entire hour. They have a lot of work to do to salvage this mess going forward because they managed to destroy any semblance of good will they earned in season one.


Interesting tidbit at the end. Remember how they didn’t show the last episode of Season 1 last year, saving it for Season 2? This episode wasn’t it. They’ll show that one next week.


Agreed, that was terrible. I can watch any number of shows for soap opera, I want this one to give me cool aliens and space stuff. Once-a-year-peeing is not enough on this front. I get that they need to advance the character arcs, which is fine if there’s a small amount of it as part of an episode that is mostly about something else. But pretty much just that stuff in an entire episode? Ugh.


Pretty meh episode. The various plots could have appeared in any sitcom show… teen with bad friend, girl gets bad dating advice, jealous ex boyfriend, etc. Felt like an episode written on auto pilot.


I enjoyed it enough, but yeah its a bit heavy on the “days of our lives” crap of everyone needs to partner up.


Yeah, the episode was nothing special. Luckily we had another kick-ass episode of Counterpart to watch.


I really enjoyed the episode. I love these characters so it was fun to spend relatively low stakes time with them.


Agreed! Let’s just hope this is the calm episode before the storm.
Also the captain would wish he didn’t trigger a Krill invasion.


Yeah, I feel like this episode set up a LOT of threads for the future.


Gawd I hope not! What’s next Bortus becomes the ships relationship counselor? Issac becomes a real boy? MacFarlane finally gets laid after an alien implant gives him an actual sense of humor? Lt Malloy shoots the captain once he grows a spine, for stealin’ his gurl? Commander Grayson leaves the Orville to become a professional whore on the Serenity? Apparently there is a market for The Real Housewives of The Federation.


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Heh. This… may not be the show (or thread?) for you. :)