The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Yeah man, @rshetts, you might wanna go watch Star Trek Discovery instead. Might be more your speed.


I like the Orville and was complaining about one episode. I decided to have a little fun with it. If that hurt your sensibilities I apologise. Seeing how much you liked that episode, I should have seen that coming.


This is the problem with pure text sometimes, the difference between “fun” and “vitriolic” can be impossible to determine.


This is true.


I guess this was slightly better than the first episode of season 2, but for the first 20 minutes or so it seemed like more of the same. Glad they finally got off the ship and did something space-heroic by the end. They still need to push the suburban-angst-on-a-spaceship ratio down a ways further, hope that’s coming later this season.


So much creepy in this episode. Not like the good kind, LOL.


A little better than the 1st episode because at least it had a little sci-fi in it. Enjoy the show everyone because I’m out.


D’oh. I didn’t setup my DVR on Plex correctly for this show. Now I’ve corrected it. Apparently fox will repeat this second episode not this Saturday but next Saturday.

I wonder if watching it on Fox’s website is much of a pain as it was last season?


FWIW I watched it on hulu. Try a free month and watch it there?


Yeah, I could have done with maybe one fewer holodeck porn fantasy scene. Although the bit with the computer virus infecting the ship’s systems as a result of the special software hookup was clever.


Thankfully, after the second half of the episode or so it all makes the journey worth while, and ties the stories together. It was a pretty good episode overall, I think. I agree that we need more science in our science fiction show though. One and a half episodes is enough, let’s get this party started here.


Just when I think its safe to go back to The Orville they hit me with a porn addiction/divorce saga? And how in hell did our species survive to get into space if they are too stupid to segregate an entertainment computer system from the ships operating system? Thank gawd they have a literal deus ex machina to save them all from certain death. Now thats some clever writing there! They need a serious course correction with this show and soon.


Yeah, the whole porn storyline was rather offputting, but it was a holdover from last season. I read somewhere that they reworked the shows style a bit for the second season - lets see what the next few episodes will be like.


That makes sense. I wondered why the Captain and his ex were so chumy and back to day drinking and laughing together. The episode just felt out of sync and now I know why.


I’m caught up. First episode was boring, nobody wants to see a family sitcom on a spaceship. Also, wasn’t the Orville on it’s way to Moclan or whatever when the captain took the shuttle out to creep on his ex? How would that even be possible while travelling at warp speed?

Second episode was a little better, but also gross. I could live the rest of my life without seeing Moclan porn again, thanks. Though I did LOL at the interactions when the other crew members were trying to fix the virus via the holodeck. It was also so classic Trek when they rescue the survivors of a non-spacefaring civilization from a dying planet and not only do they look exactly like humans but they act like meeting space aliens in the final hours of the life of their planet is no big deal, just a typical Wednesday.

I liked this show last season. I WANT to like this show again this season, but damn are they making it difficult, and seemingly for no good reason.


I really want to like this show too. It has some awesome ingredients. Great production values, nice ST:TNG type atmosphere. But man… the writing is terrible. I mean really, really awful. It’s like Neighbors in space. It’s not even third rate, more like fourth rate script writing.

They should ditch Seth Mcfarlane (the captain) and Scott Grimes (the pilot) as they are both poor actors. Promote Halston Sage (the science officer) to captain and replace all of their writers.



Sophomore ratings drops are pretty common, after the “oh new shiny” effect has worn on. But in this case…ugh, the first two episodes have been terrible. Drop deserved in this case.


I loved season one. But if the next episode is as bad as the first two this season, I’m dropping the show. Were there big changes in the writers’ room?


Man, tough room.