The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Huh, I expected to be all gloom and doom after watching everyone pile on poor @BrianRubin for two and a half weeks, but TBH, I kinda dug all three episodes a lot. The first two definitely don’t rise to the level of my favorite eps from last season, but I enjoyed the front three of this on average more than I did the first trio of eps in Season 1 for sure. And obviously the Kitan-focused “Home” was just thoroughly excellent and honestly kind of a tearjerker (that final scene in the shuttle bay felt astoundingly real for me and is the first time in the entire show’s run it felt like MacFarlane in particular has conveyed genuine human emotion–more on that in a sec).

I do still think the show is kinda struggling to figure out exactly how to mesh MacFarlane’s desire for adolescent, on-the-nose comedy with the more heartfelt character moments, gee-whiz scifi spectacle, and pointed critique of real world issues. At this point, the comedy still feels totally disconnected, pointedly less mature than everything else happening around it, and honestly just tired (apart from disliking the style of it, I’ll note that I still feel like the actors for Mercer, LaMarr, and Gordon just repeatedly fall flat and are tepid at best).

But thankfully, since the attempts at humor are so rare, and so often left behind as episodes hit their groove and really get kicking, I’m still able to ignore it, but damn, if this show could actually be genuinely funny even half the time, it’d seriously rival Doctor Who for my favorite scifi series ever.


Just got around to watching the third episode and it was a thorough winner. Remind me who the criminally pissed off father was again in the Star Trek canon? He was a child actor way back when, wasn’t he?


He was Dr. Phlox on Enterprise. Don’t know about the child actor part.


That was the holographic doctor, yes?


No the holographic doctor from Voyager was the other guest star, playing Alara’s father. The criminally pissed off father was Dr. Phlox from Enterprise.


I recognized him from that weird yet awesome The Man from Earth movie.


Sorry, got the two characters names backwards. Yes, father was the hologram.


Has Jeffrey Alan Combs been through yet. He has got to be my favorite Star trek guest star.

He was Brunt and Wayoun in DS9 and Shran, the Andoria officer in Enterprise.


Yeah, him and James Sloyan are my favorites.


I would give anything for Andrew Robinson (Garak) and Marc Alaimo (Dukat) to guest star as frenemies.


Oh, I love Garak. He pretty much stole the show for me.


I haven’t gotten to Garak yet. Almost done with season one though.



He isn’t in Orville , he was on DS9.


I. Would. Die. OMG. Just die.


I am well aware, that’s what I’ve been watching!


Garak is in season one of DS9, but briefly. He REALLY starts to shine in season two.


Garak vs Commander Shran!

“Grey Skin!”


Thanks, and never mind about the child actor thing. I was confusing him with Peter Billingsley of A Christmas Story fame.


Hmm well I’m about three episodes from the end of S1 and he hasn’t appeared yet. The Cardassians in general only showed up twice since the beginning of the series so far.


Oh my bad, he only shows up in the very beginning of season one. Also, are you using this guide?

It’s great.