The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Yes, this episode was really good! Also Michele Boyd (the “tall stupid hot girl” (per the other characters) on the Guild) has a few lines as an extra in this one.



Dayum, Alara gone. Best-developed character, plus super-cute and super-strong (which often helped the crew get out of pickles! :D ).

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably an example of why you should never have relationships in a professional context (apparently her and Seth were an item for a while). Difficult to work together after a break-up in that context.

I am worried about the show’s health going forward though. The great thing about it is that the stories never quite work out as you expect. That kind of minor subversion is refreshing in an age of scripts that are often nothing more than jumbles of set pieces glued together with trope paste.

I’d like to think that’ll be enough to keep the show going for another few seasons, but I’m not sure whether it will.


Only just watched episode 2, I am pretty much 100% sure as of now any Bortus episode is sure to be horrible.

Episode 3, two awesome cameos! Also nooooo Alara. :(

Episode 4, hit it outta the park, really great. Also just the right amount of Billy Joel.


How has nobody who watched Discovery Season 1 commented that the love interest that was secretly a genetically altered alien’s name was Janel Tyler. That’s right, Lt. Tyler is actually an enemy alien. Love it.


Its fun watching the people who love the orville and hate discovery finding the episode where the orville blatantly rips off a discovery plot line, the best episode of the season. Of course considering the previous orville episodes, I guess that is entirely logical.


The Orville is sort of like Dumb Starbucks.


How so?


You do not see the rebranding parallels?


So much agreement. All the Billy Joel references had me laughing especially hard thanks to this gif which somebody else posted on QT3


You don’t think MacFarlane (a comedian) is trolling CBS/Paramount a little bit with his oh-so-similar-but-not-quite knockoff?

But I shouldn’t really care since DS9 was the last good Trek.


Not at all, I think he legit loves Trek and wants to make his own version of it. I don’t think it’s a troll on any level.


I think he is trolling (which he does a lot in his other shows) CBS/Paramount maybe, not Trek.


Yes, because there’s never been any kind of body or face switcheroo in any of sci-fi. Oh, wait.


Didn’t say the concept was unique, just that is was copied from Discovery in a very blatant fashion… right down to the freakin name. You do love the strawman don’t you.


I see no reason MacFarlane can’t both troll the Trek folks and make a labor of love similar show at the same time!


It’s just a silly, biased complaint.


Great episode, loved it. Unlike the Discovery e1 which has convinced me to stop watching it.


I’m actually going off it. I like it when they poke fun at star trek : TNG, which they used to do really well. It seems to be less about galaxyquest style humur and more ‘low budget cliched trek homage’ now.
I’m sure orville could be a decent sci fi show, and way better than the ‘gritty’ and frankly depressing and surprisingly violent discovery.
It could also be a really fun galaxyquest series.
I think it needs to decide which. Both is not working


Do we know anything about tonight’s episode yet?


It introduces a new character! I can’t remember the rest of the synopsis on the guide description. I think they make first contact with a new species, or something. Could be great.