The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Holy crap. If you abandoned this season because of earlier episodes I highly suggest watching this one.


Great episode, nearly as good as any TNGs best (Yesterday’s Enterprise, Romulan Defector, etc).

Love this show. My favorite in many many years.


Well goddamn.


Well, now I’ve GOT to watch it tonight. Thanks a lot, guys! ;-)



Late to the party, but … wow, THAT was unexpected.


It’s funny how the name of the race went from generally sci-fi that kinda reminds you of other races to


Striving not to post any direct spoilers but so help me science if they kill off Victor Garber’s guest-star character there’s gonna be hell to pay.


Kaylon? Still seems like a generic sci-fi name to me, what am I missing?


Kaylon -> Caylon -> Cylon


Gotcha, thanks!


Is McFarlane a WWII buff? Garber’s character is named Admiral Halsey.


I think that’s a stretch. They remind me more of the AI races in the main Mass Effect series.


I’d be willing to bet that its more likely he got the name from a Paul McCartney song.


So Uncle Albert will show up eventually.



Well that got serious pretty quickly. What a bad day to be a security officer on The Orville.

It will be interesting to see if they go the old-school TNG route where Ty’s love for Isaac will be the key to making Isaac either convince the Kaylon to cease or infect his own people with a “virus” that causes them to become non-threatening. Since the show has already set up the Krill as the main enemy of the Union, I don’t see them leaving the Kaylon out there as well…so somehow this has to be resolved within the next episode or two.


Or they’ll have to team up with the Krill to deal with the Kaylon.


Whether they end up being the muses that cause the Orville’s saviour or not, I’d like to say that I think both child actors are very good at their jobs. They’re better then Macfarlane.


This must be a fantastic point, because I completely forgot they were child actors until just now.