The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


That might’ve been the best space battle I’ve ever seen.


It really was quite epic - I totally didn’t expect them to pull that off so well.


It made sense, it was easy to follow, epic, well choreographed, violent, visceral…just an amazing achievement.


Yep. I like the corny jokes. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Like in real life. The pee corner was actually nice bit of worldbuilding though. Usually people’s bodily functions are ignored on shows like this, here they addressed it. Yay.

And yeah this episode was damn epic in the best way.


I should see what else he has done. I only think of him as Bradley from Critters.


He was a regular on ER for a while.


I’ve just finished re-watching all of ER. He was in it for 5 seasons – 1/3rd of it’s 15 season run. And most importantly he was there for the end. Definitely a major character throughout the series.

Also they like to get him to sing! I made a joke to my partner the other day that they’d yet to have him or Bortus sing, and then they did the next episode we watched. :)

What’s weird is watching the The Orville and then S14 and then S15 of ER… he hasn’t really aged much, though he had more of a gut on him now.

He’s also in Band of Brothers. You’ll recognise him if you rewatch that.


A quick google shows he was also in some deleted scenes in TNG’s Season 3 opener.


He was good in ER and great as Malarkey in Band of Brothers. Not that anyone was bad in BoB, but he was very good. Genuine pathos.


It’s funny how I can suspend so much disbelief and enjoy the hell out of this show despite how silly some things are, yet my mind goes “wait, wouldn’t the shuttlecraft have a bathroom?” during the last episode. ;)

Best TV space battle ever.

“It’s just a walk in the park, Kazanski.”


Weird, my mind never thought of that. Instead it thought “wasn’t there a cache of guns in the last shuttlecraft?”. Though I imagine the Kaylon confiscated those?


I had the same thought about the shuttlecraft and handwaved it away by assuming their access to the shuttle was being limited for obvious reasons.


Tonight they had a potentially great episode, but I just felt really let down by the ending. Most of the episode reminded me of the Maquis episodes on TNG and DS9. But at the end of the episode they just kind of drop all pretense of any kind of complexity and it becomes uninteresting. It’s a shame. This episode deserved better.


I didn’t particularly feel let down by the ending, but that’s because it was telegraphed so far in advance. I mean, did anyone not say “that girl is the key” from the moment the shuttle landed?


True, but she was the key in such a disappointing way. Someone whose blood makes bombs? It’s just the person equivalent of technobabble they pulled out of their ass..

Mostly though, the person who was the focus of the episode just, I don’t know, there was nothing that made him more sympathetic. I would have liked part of me to be rooting for that guy, at least in some small way. But the writing wasn’t good enough for that.


It was an OK episode this time out. As someone else said, it reminded me a lot of a DS9 or Voyager episode with a sympathetic rebel-type character. The callback to the “pee corner” was mildly amusing. My only real gripe is that now that they’ve had multiple instances of aliens onboard the Orville disguised as humans you would think they would have the technology to do a medical scan of each person as they pass out of the shuttle bay (not the doctor, but literally a scanner in the doorway that the people boarding don’t even know is there) so they can confirm each person’s true species as they board.


Oh no, I missed this! What was it?


When Capt. Mercer asked Lt. Keyali to delay the Krill delegation in the shuttle bay by any means possible, she whipped out a trio of specimen cups and asked them for urine samples. When they asked in outrage where they were supposed to go to fill the cups, she told them “over there behind those crates is a good spot” or something to that effect.


LOL I do remember that scene but didn’t connect it with the pee corner thing, but yeah, that makes sense. Pretty good!


Well, the Krill woman was completely human per her statements. I forget exactly how she worded it, but she had stood up to detailed medical examinations repeatedly when Mercer asked how it was possible.