The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Does this mean Adrianne Palicki is free to rejoin Agents of SHIELD?


Hey cool, this show has the actress that played Tyra on Friday Night Lights. I love her, even though I never remember her name.


You mean Wonder Woman.


I thought it was, I dunno, kinda blah. Like, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t really engaging either. I don’t think it really came together tonally. The show just seem to putter. I wanted it to go full-on Seth MacFarlane dick and fart jokes, but other than the initial gag, it just ambled along with some bland drama and mild humor.

I feel like the show would have more impact if they committed one way or the other. Go straight sci-fi Star Trek ripoff, or double-down on the Ted style humor.


I agree it’s in a weird middle ground, and I’d actually like to see it play it straighter. The crew can still react in funny ways to terrible situations but have enough people playing it straight in the universe that it also works as a straight up 90s style trek episode.


I didnt want another MacFarlane dick and fart fest so I am glad they choose not to take that route. I am fine with the humor as long as it fits the flow of the narrative and isn’t there simply for its own sake. Still I do not disagree with your assessment. It felt like they were trying to walk a fine line the whole show and because of that as Telefrog said, it just didn’t come together tonally. This is not a problem for me yet because it’s only been one episode and a show like this needs time to establish itself, its background and its characters.


The way you do this is the Firefly way. Super serious situations and action, but with some flippant remarks that come off not as joke deliveries but tension breakers the characters use to cope. It’s the difference between the scene in Die Hard where he’s in the vents and gives that little speech “Come out to the coast…” and the flat joke delivery you get here. I dunno, I heard it picks up in episode 3… maybe it turns around?

I still can’t see McFarlane as an actor. Why is he injecting himself into this? Ego? Makes no sense.


We screened this for a swarm over the spring for a pitch we did for the three-letter network that airs the show. Our group was utterly baffled by it, after watching show trailers that seemed to play up the humor aspect.

Which is info we passed along, re: the effectiveness of their trailers.


I’m not familiar with that term… I assume its another way of referring to focus groups?


Yes it’s like a focus group, but with locusts instead of people.


I agree with the impressions above from most of you. I thought the pilot was just okay. Something about the tone didn’t seem quite right yet. But I also agree with @rshetts that it probably just needs some time for them to get the tone right. I’m certainly liking the show enough to give it some time to develop.

And I also agree that the one thing it can never develop is a truly great Captain, because he’s being played by Seth himself. Jeez. He’s the only reason I hope the show ends up being a little more on the humor side than on the serious side once they find their balance, just because I don’t think Seth is capable of playing a Captain with any real gravitas.


Awesome uniforms!
CGI/special effects are really good!
Cool looking ships!
Really clean set design, just the right amount of light strips on everything!
Soda on the bridge!
Did I mention I really like the uniforms!!!
No lens flare!
I like the crew chatting casually between one another!
Banging Papa Smurf comment!
Toilets mention on a spaceship!
Hugging the donkey!
Tree’s kill spaceships!

A few rough moments for sure, but I feel it will get better. I laughed a few times and the physical comedy bits are very much welcome. Also in agreement with a few of you, regarding Seth being the weakest link, but maybe he will grow on us. :p


Yeah, it’s something the company I work for does. It’s a live focus group with that creates a sort of internal feedback loop to come up with convergent, consensus answers.


I turned it off after the first 15 minutes. Perhaps I should go back.


Thought it was utterly horrible, and kinda surprised that so many of you tolerated and/or even liked it.


It was bland and inoffensive. And utterly derivative, so maybe I should’ve been more offended. The show didn’t really seem to be saying or doing much of interest. It’d certainly be improved by having an actor in the lead role - and a decent script… :)

Give it a couple more episodes to be fair, to let some of the characters and relationships emerge a bit, but the reviews for those episodes don’t fill me with much confidence for the long haul.


Different strokes, I guess. I’ve also been known to be a fan of Family Guy, American Dad and A Million Ways to Die in the West, so…


OMG. I’m in the “give this a chance, it’s a pilot and it was better than Encounter at Farpoint” camp, so I’m pretty forgiving, but I’m shocked anyone would profess “A Million Ways to Die in the West” fandom. I literally rank that as the worst movie I’ve ever seen in a theater. Every single laugh was in the 30-second commercial. The Delorean scene was so good that it could have saved it, but nope, in the commercial.

Just goes to show you, different people enjoy different things. :)


I liked it. It wasn’t great, but pilots rarely are.


Watching this first episode was not a complete waste of my time. How’s that for damning with faint praise?

It’s certainly not breaking any new ground, and none of the characters or writing stood out in any way. (Other than the presence of Adrianne Palicki, whom I’d watch in almost anything. When is the decontamination gel scene?) The humor was what I’d expect from MacFarlane after watching Family Guy and such. The only real surprise to me was that there wasn’t more in the way of fart jokes.

If it wasn’t a Star Trek clone, I’d probably not bother watching more. But I love me some cheesy space drama, so why not? I’ll put it on the DVR’s record list, available if nothing else looks more interesting.