The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


I couldn’t stand the helmsman played by … Scott Grimes.


Haven’t seen it yet, but his character on Republic of Doyle was hysterical. Admittedly, that was a tertiary character that only showed up once or twice a season.


Judging by Google, this guy seems capable of only one facial expression.


I was wondering why that name seemed so familiar - dude was in the Critters movies!


He never seems to play a very likeable guy, way back to when he used to be on ER late in its run.


He seemed fine on Party of Five!


I also liked him as Malarkey in Band of Brothers. Holy crap - that came out 16 years ago. I’m OLD.



Watched it on Hulu and I actually thought it was pretty fun, so I’m going to drop it on my Tivo and keep up with it. I liked the characters already, which is rare for a pilot.


Got a chance to watch this last night. Went to bed half way through. Make of that what you will.


Watched it off my DVR last night. It was…meh. The visuals were mostly well done, except for the Krill or whatever they were called. There was just something about the way they moved that made me think the guys in the costumes couldn’t see or move very well. It stood out.

The comedy was also kind of jarring at times. I do admit to laughing out loud a couple of times, mostly at the interplay between some of the supporting characters. I don’t much like the Gordon character (helmsman), but I do like the interaction between him and John (the navigator). The scene where they discuss the dog on the communications screen was one of my LOL moments.

If the show wants to be a sci-fi drama with a few lighter moments tossed in, that’s fine, and I’d watch it, but right now the comedy bits tend to yank you right out of the sci-fi universe, and that’s not good for a show that wants to be sci-fi first.


8.2 million is fantastic for FOX, lets see the week 2 drop though…

Even if it drops to half that number, it will get renewed, looking at the numbers for last seasons shows on FOX.


It was better than I thought it would be (not saying much). I’ll watch a few more episodes.


Man … the planetside stuff felt like the lowest-rent possible SF.

You’re a SF show. You’ve got the whole galaxy at your disposable. Incredible planets. Strange environments. Amazing alien cultures.

Where do you go instead? An office park in Los Gatos.


cf Fox’s time travelling dinosaur show, which almost never showed dinosaurs and instead spent its time on whiny teenagers.


The litmus test for this show to me is the scene where that one girl falls into the aging machine to a horrible death. If it was Star Trek this would be accompanied by a “serious this time” orchestral riff. But the tone of that scene was exactly like the one from A Million Ways when the ice block crushes that dude’s head. Hell, its even heads both times.

I would love for this to be Family Guy Star Trek, but I’m not so sure about A Million Ways to Die in space.

Will watch every episode through, because … Spaceships!


That’s a very specific litmus test.


Perhaps litmus test was the wrong phrase… tonal test? 😉


Last straw?


This is spot-on for what I saw. I’ll give it a couple more episodes but probably not much more than that.