The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek

Takes awhile to figure it out but it does. It ends up a much more sincere love letter to TNG with some humor added in versus the goofy mess it starts out as.

Starts out as TNG with random Family Guy humor inserted in, transitions into honest TNG fanfic that was the best Star Trek on TV for years.

Sadly it seems like the show ended with the 3rd season.

Aaargh, don’t mention that terrible song! It should go into the Nineteen eighty-four memory hole.

Star Trek shows need a proper sweeping orchestral score as a theme. It is known.

(My favorite themes in order: TNG/The Motion Picture, DS9 [the OG slower version], and Voyager)

And The Orville’s is not bad either, though it is a bit on the martial side.

It doesn’t sound like the door is shut. We’ll see. I hope it gets renewed.