The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


To be fair, it’s supposed to be derivative. Bland and inoffensive, however, is a problem.


Watching it again.

Quick note. Both TOS and this show have the most important part of the ship the bridge, at the top of the ship. In this case the bridge has a glass bubble over it. Really?


Maybe it’s an aluminum bubble.


Enterprise D also had a clear done at the top.

Finally watched this. It was…uneven. Only stuff I laughed at was the hologram dude with the great attitude. The adventurey stuff was fun though, as was the ship stuff, so I’m hopeful.


Just so you know the reference wasn’t lost


I enjoyed that second episode. Both the capture of the Captain and the story of the newbie in command were nice. Once again an okay episode. Nothing extraordinary, but again it held my interest better than most episodes in the first Season of Enterprise.


Haven’t watched the whole episode yet, but the conversation with the captain’s parents made me laugh.
Also, that musical theme is a lot closer to the kind of thing that Enterprise should have had, instead of that Bryan Adams-sounding BS.
Finally, I can’t get over how much robot dude (Isaac) sounds like Commander Data.


The number of times they kept referring to “Heavy Cruiser” in the first episode makes me think Seth McFarlane played Star Fleet Battles a lot as a kid.


Aaaand it looks like Fox is pulling their patented nonsense of moving it to a different night (Thursday) before it’s established a regular audience. #smh

Second episode was a lot better than the pilot, IMHO.


Dammit, I forgot to set a season pass for this on my TiVO, can I watch ep 2 online anywhere?


I think it’s available on Fox’s website. Last week I used Plex’s channels to watch it, and Plex channels only pull what’s available on the channel’s website.


Perfect, found it, and here is the link for those also curious.

So far so good, they managed to get Kermit the Frog in here, so I’m all in.


I enjoyed the second episode more than the first. It was a plot that could have easily been seen on STTNG back in the day, but I thought they handled it well with some good humor. Looking forward to the next episode.


Yeah, this is Star Trek’s brother from another mother. It reeks of TNG to me.


And I want that scent all over my body. So I am ok with this.


Thought the second episode was pretty much same as the first - bland, predictable, but it’s still shit happening on a futuristic spaceship so I’m gonna watch it.

I wonder what FOX is hoping for, releasing this at basically the same time as Discovery over on CBS. Grab the Trek fans who refuse to pay for “CBS All Access”? Try to win the reviews war over Discovery?


I was also disturbed at the end of the episode when they announced that it was moving to Thursday. Oh no! It was doing so well on Sunday.


This is what Fox does. It’s like they don’t wanna support something once they launch it, so they purposefully sabotage it. I’m still angry about Almost Human, for example, but they did this with Firefly too.


And they did it with Futurama as well, if you’ll recall. Idiots. If they’d left it in the post-Simpsons time slot for at least three months we’d still be watching that show.


Didn’t know they did that with Futurama.

Now on a smaller network like the CW, this isn’t wholly detrimental. Supernatural is starting its 13th season, and it’s been on pretty much near every night of the week during its run.