The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space


Breaking this out from the Game Awards thread since we’ll obviously want to talk a lot about it.

It’s a first person game, the art looks great and I can’t wait to play it in 2019. It’s probably Obsidian’s last multi-platform release.


Borderlands meets Fallout meeeeets Mass Effect (doubt it)?


VERY Interested.


Hell yes! This is my jam!



Looks great! I wonder who was funding it before the MS acquisition? That’s an expensive looking game.


It’s a Take Two joint, nothing to do with MS.


Ahh, OK.


The screenshots on the Steam store page look really good.


That conversation screen makes me happy. PC-sized text, speech skills… it’s the anti-Bethesda.


Yeah, for sure. I feel like (and would love this) The Outer Worlds could be their way of saying “Fine, Bethesda, don’t give us Fallout to play with again, we’ll do it our way” and I’m super excited about that idea.


Only downside - I’m going to keep getting this game and The Outer Wilds totally confused. But they both look really cool, so that’s not so bad I guess.




Tim Cain loves closeups with his dialogue systems I guess.


Cautiously optimistic.



I hope it won’t be a buggy mess at launch.


Oh man, I will have to play this. Where’s that “shut up and take my money” gif?


Found it!



So this is the Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky production they are working on at Obsidian.

The humor gave it away.


Yes that looks very nice. I am cautiously pessimistic.


My second most anticipated game now after Cyberpunk just as I knew it would be.

Trailer was a bit worrying at first with the shooting only and lead character not speaking, but of course it makes sense after seeing the screenshots.

I love the shade thrown at Bethesda. This is such a perfect antidote to the fuckups of FO76. Hopefully Obsidian is given time enough to actually polish this before release. Since they usually weren’t.