The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space

This was the weakest of the Obsidian RPGs in my opinion. I can’t really get excited for the DLC.

Aye, this is me also. It felt like a fisher price ‘My first RPG’ bright, colorful and well polished, but shallow and unengaging.

It actually struck me as exactly what you get when a game is produced competently by a committee, but no one is actually passionate about the project. Everyone understands what the game needs to be to be successful, and they make it down the checklist, but it just comes out feeling very sterile. Playable, moderately enjoyable, and lacking anything to make it memorable.

Great game, cant wait for the DLC. The best RPG of 2019 for me.

I’ve described it as competently forgettable.

I’d put it well above Dungeon Siege 3, NWN2: Zehir, the NWN2 base game, and South Park.

Clearly inferior to NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer, KOTOR2, F:NV, and Pillars 1 and 2. But that’s a high bar as those are all on my list of best CRPGs of all time.

Still haven’t played Tyranny or Alpha Protocol. Own both, in the log that is back.

Really, they are that good? I’ve never played them.

I agree with @stusser fwiw. Pillars 1 & 2 really are that good. If you like CRPG’s Baldurs Gate style Pillars is gonna make you very happy.

Totally agree with @stusser and @Rod_Humble about the PoE games. They are top tier RPGs in that style for me, and some of my most played RPGs in recent years. Far and away better than The Outer Worlds, although it’s a fine game for what it does.

Yeah, it’s a huge shame that Pillars 2 didn’t sell well enough to warrant a sequel. Loved it.

@stusser needs to play Alpha Protocol. Top tier Obsidian but there are also the detractors that hate it. They are super wrong.

I think the biggest problem with Outer Worlds is the main story is sort of missing early plot pieces. They had to cut a whole planet and the areas on Terra 2 supposedly use to, or planned on being all inter-connected like how they are on Monarch…just one giant map.

Pillars 2 and Kingmaker are the best “old school” RPGs atm. I know lots of people love Original Sin 1 and 2 but for me the combat mechanics, classes, stats etc. are vastly superior in the first games I mentioned.

As for Outer Worlds, meh. They didn’t add anything cool to the Bethesda recipe, it feels like I’ve played it before so I quit after about 10 hours.

It often felt like both sides the game too with the quests. Many of choose to help X or Y could be solved with compromise helping both which seemed like the best outcome.

Sort of. Best is relative. The compromised outcomes are not always non-violent.

If I replay the game, I’m going crazed psycho-murderer who immediately turns in Rick. The idea is the character is a stowaway on the ship…or replaced someone of import by killing them and stealing their identity.

The world interactivity of DOS counted for a lot with me. I liked Pillars but for some reason burned out on it at the 2/3rds mark. Still haven’t given Pathfinder: Kingmaker the proper college try.

I don’t think The Outer Worlds was innovative in the slightest, although it did some things better than I’ve seen before. Despite that, it was well-made, well-written, and enjoyable to play and explore. It was like a good, moist chocolate cake. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good one, so this was welcome.

Having said that, I never finished it, I went away and wanted something new when I got back (the chocolate cake analogy is still working). The DLC will probably bring me back to finish it. I hope it’s more difficult because my biggest gripe with the game is that it was too easy. Combat was a breeze, lockpicking was a joke, my inventory was regularly packed to the brim with useless junk. I think that’s what prevented it from really distinguishing itself, fixing some of these annoyances.

Speaking of, junk in RPGs really annoys me. Used to be a time when if you found loot in an RPG, it was something to get excited about, something potentially new and different. Now RPGs drown you in shit, and it’s a chore carefully comparing everything to find anything that might be slightly better than what you’ve already got. Oh my fucking god, my DPS has gone up by 1.35%! (sorry, rant over)

Yeah the random loot chase can be a bit tedious especially when it’s just percent changes. There’s been a few games that have started to embrace the less but more meaningful loot philosophy, usually find this in the Souls games and their clones so the From Software games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne and the ones they inspire like Remnant: from the Ashes. Some of those still do the percentage grind like Nioh and I think The Surge.

Alpha Protocol was Obsidian’s best independent game. Problems (as usual for Black Isle) with bugs and production and balance and things like that, but still the best of their projects.

In comparison, PoE bored me. Too dull, too generic, and too old-fashioned. Not horrible, but it didn’t move me.

Outer Worlds was okay, but too much of a weak riff on Fallout, too snide, and too thin a world because the storytelling made me despise pretty much all the groups and factions and just want to tear everything down because everyone was being so incredibly childish and stupid.

Kind of like real life :) Sorry couldn’t resist :)

The groups were rather two dimensional, but many of the characters had depth. Honestly i felt it reflected the current world in many ways. Thus enjoyed it maybe more than i should have

I agree, a few of the characters really were pretty good. But good in spite of their factions or alignments.