The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space


Nobody here needs another game. We can all sustain ourselves off our backlog – probably for tens of years. So avoiding any particular game is really not hard.



Yeah…Not hard. At all. I rarely buy games at launch + backlog. It is less about not supporting EGS then it is knowing it will be released on Steam.



I could probably live keep living on PDX published games + mods until I die, so I can certainly wait until something emulates it. I’m more worried for Obsidian, but by the time I get to my backlog/replay of their games, something else will come along.
The Cult of the New can bite it.



Really? :) There only a few games I feel the need to play at launch, and those are almost all multiplayer. Single player games can wait. 18 months after release, they’re fully patched and on sale.

In the meantime, my backlog shall sustain me!



I think Scott was talking about Windows 10, which will be a bit more difficult if exploits for 7 keep being found.



I guess I just don’t get the hate for EGS. I’d rather have 12% of the price going to the middleman than 30 or 40%, whichever Steam was for smaller developers, I forget.

I’ll grant that it is an annoyance having another launcher but I’ll put up with it if more money goes to the developer and in the long run hopefully I get more games I want because my favorite studios don’t go under.

That said, these days I rarely buy a game at launch anyway so I can totally see waiting for it to come to Steam and getting it cheaper.



It would be great if the Epic store discussion could happen in the Epic thread :/



Unless this game becomes an Epic store exclusive, in which case we wouldn’t want to derail that thread with talk of how shitty Obsidian is being here.



Epic is just being annoying. Instead of being a better service, they’re leveraging exclusives and pissing everyone off.

I wouldn’t give a crap if their product was good, but even the biggest supporters of it I’ve run across basically come down to “competition is good and once they get things running good, it’ll be great.”

They have more money than they know what to do with and couldn’t copy work that other people did for them years ago, which doesn’t fill me with hope for it.

Some people are “oh noes another thing to download”, which I get cause I feel that. But right now it’s more “great I have to use inferior crap because of exclusive deals,” which is a legit complaint across the board.



Have you used inferior crap software? The EGS is fine. It doesn’t have all the features of steam. But it will do just fine to download and enjoy The Outer Worlds.

I get why some people have an issue with it. But I’m looking forward to this thread turning into stories about the game and the fun we’re having with it post release. It seems like it will scratch just the right Obsidian hitch for me.

Sucks some people will have to wait a year to enjoy it. Those braving the EGS will no doubt have to work through the pain of hitting a different download button. But the game isn’t going anywhere for the less adventurous. :)



Sure, if you don’t mind them just rifling through your shit at will. I don’t like when Google does it, I don’t like it when Epic tries.

Edit: Anyway, there is a thread for this, so I’ll just stop.



To clarify I was talking about Windows 10. And was kidding.



I didn’t want Metro Exodus enough to install the Epic store, but this one I probably do want enough to do that. While I am not a fan of a proliferation of these storefronts, it’s hardly a live or die issue for me. I mean, most of the software on my machine, from productivity aps to games, sucks.



That’s the way I feel as well. It isn’t some angry screed to show Epic (although I do hate the idea of exclusives). Just don’t want another store. If a game I really want comes along I’ll download it from Epic. This game and Phoenix Point came closest, but the previews haven’t made me want them day one either. Anyway, so often anymore I am buying old games on sale. Every time I buy a new game, it feels like I don’t play right away, or I am waiting for it to be ironed out.



Amen. I know the Epic store is an affront to God or whatever, but come on.



Yep that’s one great thing about Qt3, we always stay on topic. /s



Still waiting for the usual food derail…



This was 2K’s choice.



Correct, another publisher treating obsidian like a newbie developer.



Another competitor in the game download space is only a good thing. Steam, for all it did right to be the biggest digital game distribution company, has not had to do anything to get the games on its platform. A competitor might finally get them to finish a Half Life 3 just so they can have their own exclusive.

Plus, those better for the publisher margins mean more games can be profitable, which means publishers will make more games! That is totally worth another digital download server to add to my list of Steam, GOG, Origin, etc.

Though, I might not actually download the client until this comes out.