The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space


On another note, assuming a standard deal, Obsidian (and some employees) gets paid per copy sold while Take 2 took the Epic money upfront. They really can’t catch a break.



If their contract actually allows them to get screwed in that way, they deserve it. But that’s not how publishing contracts usually work.



I ducked into the Obsidian forums thread on whim. Just everyone saying they won’t buy the game.

Isn’t it kind of a bad sign when your most loyal followers are running for the hills, AND after all that good will from the Game Informer tour?

I just loath how this game is falling victim to the machinations of a PC store front power war.




Nah, not really. If the game is as enjoyable as it seems to be once it comes out, they will be back. Gamers are fickle and like a good game. And Obsidian games are generally with the effort, IMO.



If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the various gamer “backlashes” over the years, it’s that talk and following through are two very different things.

I also think in this case it would be misguided to punish Obsidian for a decision they likely had zero control over. In the case of this specific game it would be a particular shame, because there’s a 0% chance of any future sequel doing the same thing, as that game will be published by Microsoft.

As always with games, if it’s good, I’ll buy it. If that means using some other storefront, so be it - regardless of whatever the behind-the-scenes reasons are for that.





That’s exactly the infamous screenshot I considered posting myself.



Yeah, whatever my opinion of any particular store, my decision to buy this game or not is based on whether I actually want the game. I want this game, and as buying it on Epic is not, say, akin to making me slaughter a goat and daub blood on my face while chanting a Latin mass backwards, I’m cool with that, as a gamer.

As an industry observer/critic/gadfly, that’s another thing, but that’s in a separate compartment. This sort of spat doesn’t hit me as a great moral watershed.



Sorry. Less boycott online petition style retoric…more turning your enthusiastic buyins into malcontents overnight.

I suppose it is hard to thread the needle.



It’s more like, I already have around 10 huge RPGs sitting in my backlog, and it’s not like I’d get very far in this one. So if they’re an Epic exclusive, I can easily wait a year + however long it takes for it to be $5.



Still going to be there day one as with all the other Obsidian games. Game looks good and that is all I care about.



Some new gameplay footage from PAX, includes a good look at the UI, quest log, and map screen.



Looking good, but that UI seems to have been designed for a 60-inch screen.



Thanks for posting this, I loved it. It was a great way to show case how wide open the game might be in terms of options and reactions/consequences, while showing off some fun stuff. It’s really coming together, and looks great!



I love that they were just enjoying the game’s mechanics rather than following an meticulously rehearsed scripted demo. The art direction of the city was really strong. The little world building details, such as when the pair point out how beneath the impressive facade the infrastructure’s falling apart, are a huge part of why I love Cain and Boyarsky’s work so much. The humor’s on point, too. The acting showdown was hilarious.



I skipped about that video and had the sound off, but am I the only person who finds the massacre of civilians kind of unpleasant?

If that video gets cited by the next person linking videogames to mass shootings it won’t be a surprise.





I guess we have to attribute it the normal ackwardness of devs + tryiing to show something when they don’t really have setup it.



Yep. I’m a little sad that they chose to go with “you can kill everybody lol” approach. Maybe they are directly going against Bethesda with its immortal NPCs.

I’ve watched and expected that they’ll use it to show some kind of reactivity, maybe some hit squad comes and punishes them. But no, it was a comedy for its own sake. You kill everyone in the bar than walk out of it and people sit and drink their tea outside, and then you attack people with a club that randomizes their face.



Looks like this is either been or will soon be confirmed an EPIC launch exclusive, just a heads up.