The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space


I watched this video, and it’s amazing. The fear system, the time dilation, the setting, the gunplay, stats, perks, inventory, it all looks exactly like what I wanted. I’m so in.


Watching gameplay, this is Obsidians Borderlands open world rpg actually… but it also has more than one companions too?!? interesting.


Yeah, from looking at the trailer this looks more like Borderlands than Fallout, but an Obsidian version of Borderlands would probably be pretty cool too.


The gameplay video makes it look more like Fallout, I think. Less ARPG and more standard RPG. Plus slow down mode.


Fallout: New Vegas, homie.

Watching that gameplay video, it even has the Bethesda-style POI compass UI element. And hey, no awful lockpick minigame, you press a button and pick the lock!


I loved this.

Speaking of, did anyone else catch the moment when the companion scored a crit (I assume it was a crit and not a random moment) and the camera pulled out and showed her third person style? The most Fallout 3, 4, New Vegas thing ever. It didn’t feel out of place though, it just reassured me they are going for a Fallout feel to the gameplay.


It looks like it will be disconnected locations.

The ship voice in that video: “You now have access to the such and such landing pad”. So you likely travel between different locations using a spaceship a la Mass Effect vs. a single large “open world” map.

I am perfectly fine with this, and it plays towards Obsidian’s strengths anyway. (tighter story-driven, character-driven content)

Also Bullet Time is back.



Substitute Firefly for Mass Effect and I think you have it. Looks pretty fun to me, interesting how strong they played up the humor aspect in the trailer.


It is confirmed in the Pc Gamer preview, it isn’t open world.

I imagine it as a modern rendition of Fallout 1/2, where there are separate maps from which you can travel to and from.


Don’t know if it was just the person driving, but to me the combat looked really stilted.


Reminds me more of KotOR, with a ship traveling to discrete maps.


Yes. Part of it seemed the person playing not very good with the controller?


IS this out yet?


Controller gameplay notwithstanding, of course.



This actually reminds a a little of Elex.

Ok but not top tier animation and lighting etc. Sci-fi / bandit mixed aesthetic.

Sorry :/


Nothing to be sorry for, I can see that.

On one hand I am fairly impressed with character models and facial animation, given that this is AA RPG. On the other the lack of AAA budget is clearly visible overall.


Eh, probably closer to Prey or Bioshock. I would have liked a super detailed ‘open world’ space ship ala System Shock 2 and been fine with it. Open world doesn’t have to be HUMONGOUS, just have nooks and crannies of exploration. I think Prey kind of did it well, although still a bit smallish to my tastes. I always thought SS2 did it best for semi linear rpg shooter… sheesh games so old and still towers above some these recent games.


I just got done watching that 15 minute video and came over here to post it, I should’ve known ya’ll were on the ball. This is now my most anticipated game of the past few years. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a gameplay video that lasted longer than 2 minutes. I was sad when the time was over. I could’ve kept watching. I just wish there was a way to mute the morons talking over the gameplay.