The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space

Yeah, this was announced a while back.

Oh, yeah, so it was - I guess I even did read about it then. Well, some news sites are saying it’s news to them from a deleted tweet so I guess I forgot it was announced, and now I don’t know what those guys were on about.

They are talking about Borderlands 3 I think.

Yeah, in hindsight that is probably what I was reading about, then later when I went to type I had the wrong game in mind. Aw well. Getting old is fun! Whee!!

I wish it were more fun than it is … getting old.

Scott is Outer Worlds a first day purchase ? If it is please consider making an excellent video like you do.

No question, I’ll be likely to get some sort of deluxe edition in all honesty. The only issue is a previously removed listing momentarily revealed an August release date, which iirc was the same week as Age of Wonders Planetfall, which I’m also dying to get my hands on, so if that’s how it plays out, I’m going to have a rough time picking which one to go with. I suppose it will depend on what I’m the most in the mood for at the time. This being a big RPG though, I would expect one delay, so it’s probably not an actual concern.

As for making a video, this is indeed the kind of game that tends to get me to want to do that…

What they’ve shown looks great. I just hope it’s as big and in-depth as something like a Fallout game.

So this is confirmed to be part of Xbox Game Pass at release.

Dang. Seems like this thing is an unbeatable deal since just about all Epic exclusives are going to land on it.

Dumb question since this site is PCGamesN, but when they say Xbox Game Pass, they also mean the PC version of it I assume

In which case cool, I will sub for it for a month or two.

In the spirit of the E3 front row hype squad: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

According to the following it should be on PC too.

Nice, if it is Win32 and actually runs reliably, I will happily use it instead of Epic store. I can sacrifice the steam featureset when in exchange I will get the game for couple bucks.

Weird. There’s a downloadable in Gamepass for Outer Worlds, which is about 10mb and does nothing. Why on Earth does this exist when the game doesn’t come out for another 4 months? Is this some sort of pre-load thing? There’s no information about it on the gamepass app.

Probably a bug/glitch.

Xbox and Windows both enable preloads through placeholder files. Those placeholders then automatically “update” to the full game once it’s available.

Lots of hands-on previews dropped today:

Weird that the Verge and Polygon write separate gaming articles.

Anyway this is the surest buy for me in the past 5 years. Even higher than Pillars of Eternity 2. They’ve already got my money.