The Outsider - Bateman, Medelsohn, Stephen King, HBO

I was a rabid King reader until Mr. Mercedes, which was terrible and he somehow decided to spin it off into a trilogy and I stopped reading him. So I’ve never read The Outsider. But I was intrigued by this until I looked it up and saw that Bill Camp will be a regular. Now it’s a must watch for me.

It was Tommyknockers that knocked me off the King train, but yeah this looks interesting. Lots of great players.

I was pretty lukewarm on Mr. Mercedes, but I really liked Revelation, which felt more like the King I was used to. Currently reading The Outsider now and it’s not bad? Nothing spectacular, but it goes down smooth.

Very much this. Felt like vintage King.

Watched the first two episodes tonight. Part police procedural part … not sure. Creepy King stuff for sure.

I was/am hooked. I am planning on looking up why I recognize the detective. Bateman sorta seems a bit phoning in but he’s also directing so I guess he’s busy. Plus let’s face it --he isn’t super actor. I am gonna look the detective up now. He is great btw.

I am sold on this guy.

I watched the first two also. I really liked it, and came into it with no prior knowledge of the story. The detective stuff was great and I thought it was going to be a gritty murder story. Then I saw the category summary in the show info.

I’m actually dreading that the paranormal stuff is going to start coming in and wreck it all. We’ll see if I can shift my brain and expectations into X Files mode.

I’m gonna go deeper and see…

Ok episode three – obsessive compulsive and /or savant. That’s a new twist. Seemingly well done for now. This remains interesting.

Yeah she is awesome! Perfect counter to the supernatural.

I haven’t read a King book in 30 years or so. I just watched the first episode of this on a whim. I have no idea how this plays out, but I’m hooked.

I was looking for something to watch last night and found out Xfinity was having a free HBO weekend so I caught episode one of this. I liked it but there ain’t no way I’m subscribed to HBO to see it so I’m torn between watching the other two episodes that are out and just waiting until some point in the future when they’re all out and I can stream them at my leisure.

Dunno if this will help one way or the other, but a significant plot twist occurs in the second episode that will likely influence your decision.

Wait until the new season of Barry, and then subscribe and watch this at that time. Also, watch Barry, it’s amazing.

Good idea, we’ve watched Barry and it’s great.

By episode 3 (which turns a twist of sorts) I realized this was a very good tv show. I sorta ignored the Stephen King thing and focused on the great ideas. I’ll wait until we all catch up to comment further but … obsessive/compulsive investigator is the direction that sorta comes out of no where and makes this show fascinating.

This is a pretty solid show. The P.I. very much has an ‘Abed’ from Community vibe. In a good way.

Like I said above, I worried the supernatural shit would turn the detective story into something silly, but they’ve managed to keep the gritty investigative feel so far. As of now it is starting to feel like they’re telegraphing a predictable path. Still in it for now and curious to see how it shakes out.

I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion of this show. Finished catching up over the weekend and I’m really, really into it. Mendelsohn is great as the tired detective, and Cynthia Erivo is absolutely terrific as Gibney. The how is, in my mind, nailing the mix of police procedural and supernatural thriller. Everything starts out as pretty no nonsense, but as the investigators dig deeper and deeper the weirdness is coming to the surface. Impressed with the directing.

It is starting to feel like there is a bit of a mid-season lull; maybe it would have been better as a tighter 8 episode series instead of 10, but I enjoy all the actors and with the consistently great writing and directing I am more than happy to draw it out a bit.

Cool to see that Dennis Lehane is writing a couple of the upcoming episodes!

I love Gibney as a challenged but preternatural hunter on the supernatural.

Finished ep 8 last night. Really enjoy this team and it feels very King-like, in a good way. Tension was tight throughout the last couple of eps but they certainly could have made this a total of 8 eps instead of 10 and really not lost much. But Gibney is enough to make me enjoy even the slowest scene. To be fair all the main characters are enjoyable in their own way and all shine when working off of Gibney. I am worried about who’s gonna survive though.

Agreed on all counts. Great way to say it. I mean it is Stephen king so it’ll be weird, but there are good characters. Even the GBI agent. And it has a unique storyline for sure.