The owl thread

Hell yes.

That’s a red x for me but the page has lots of nice owls, and even a link to the World Owl Trust featuring Tythe the Barn Owl, Mia the Long-eared Owl, Toby the Tawny Owl, and Jimmy the Eagle Owl!

My old man rescued and raised a drowning owl chick at one point in my youth. If there is one thing I can vouch for it is that those things have serious halitosis.

(Oh, and the owl was successfully released into the wild.)

And in more bloggish excess : I had a friend whose family owned the Lion park outside of Pietermaritzburg. I came unbelievably close to raising a lion cub during our Summer school holidays. My dad said ‘No’ though. Bastard.

I had such a cool childhood. I sometimes think it’s a pity that I’ll never be able to offer the same shit to my kids.

Heh, I hadn’t seen this before, it kicks all portions of my ass:

You haven’t seen that before? Is it cold in your cave?

At first I thought he was being sarcastic. At first.

Now this has become the thread where everyone links really old Internet phenoms and asks Houngan if he’s seen them. I’ll start.