The Passage (TV show based on book series)


I had no idea this was coming out, and there’s a trailer! Loved the book series about a vampire plague. It appears the first season is only covering the first half of Book 1 from what I see in the trailer:

Didn’t recognize him at first, but that’s Mark Paul-Gosselaar.


But its on FOX so if it turns out to be good, they will cancel it. :(



I get excited about new series on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Broadcast networks? If they were removed from my cable package, I would never notice. Well, except for sports.


Watched the first episode (there are two available) and it starts OK. The lead girl is really good, and it seems like they wanted to cast Chris Pratt but took his doppelganger as the sidekick.

Spoiler below even though I don’t think it’s really a spoiler.

I do find it interesting that in this world, vampire stories exist. But they don’t really want to call the baddies vampires, even though they’re clearly vampires.

I’ll be watching the second episode soon.


So I’ve watched the first two episodes. They’ve changed quite a bit from the book- virus not coming from bats, no nuns, no scene at the zoo, gender change for Babcock. I always wonder why tv shows make changes that seemingly have no real reason.

In any case, it’s starting out ok and I’ll keep watching. I give it a B right now.


Changing plot aspects to create tension, trim long-winded sections, etc. are justifiable, but yes when they appear to be for no discernible reason they become a distraction.

Wasn’t Project Noah designed to produce weaponized enhanced humans for the military? It’s been a while since I read The Passage (didn’t continue with the other books) and I don’t recall the rationale for Project Noah being to combat an avian flu or early onset Alzheimers.

Did they explain that Carter is innocent though he was convicted of murder?

Agree with @menzo that Saniyya Sidney does a good job. And I like my vamps bestial, the whole blood sucking/eroticism thing always creeps me out.

I did find my mind wandering at points and was checking my phone so I don’t think this will hold my interest.


Long-term show question related to the books

Are they really going to do the time jump to a future post-apoc vampire-filled world? That seems like it’d really increase production costs.


From what little I read, the answer is “no.”


Watching this and it’s not bad, though it’s become pretty obvious only 3 episodes in that it’s only based loosely on the basic premise of the first book, and will depart further and further from the source material as it moves forward.

I thought that myself, especially with how they’ve slowed down the events in this initial season. However, this article seems to indicate that the show’s producers are definitely thinking about using all the material at some point in the show’s run.

Warning : Minor Spoilers Revealed In Article:


So the season just finished, and wow, what was a decent show turned into a really really great one in the final two episodes. They really went for it and…

the made the time jump, 97 years into the future at the very end.

But the final episode was all the main characters dealing with what happened and what is happening in the world, and it felt right. I am very impressed.

Which of course means FOX won’t renew it for a second season.


Not the finale. There’s one more!

Edit: My mistake! Didn’t know they aired both this week!


Hey maybe it will be like The Exorcist and have an even better second season. Then they’ll cancel it.


Just watched the last two episodes. Now that is the way to end a season!


Fantastic season overall, and as a book reader I didn’t even mind the changes that much. Hope it gets renewed!


I really got the feeling this was a one and done kind of thing with the way they ended that. Any chance this gets a season 2?


Hasn’t been renewed yet, but S1 covered only the prologue of the first book in the trilogy. The “real story” begins now.


For some reason I thought it was the entire first book so I went and looked. S1 covered around 250 pages of the first book, which ends up being about 1/3 of it. I had completely forgotten most of the first book.


Yeah maybe prologue is the wrong term, but essentially the setup for the real story.


Yes, given that they’re not even all the way through the first book yet, I would say the producers had planned to continue the series should it be successful.

The changes they made from the books should allow for the return of several main television show characters.

Given that the “cure” seems to grant immunity from disease and aging (and one would assume radiation effects as well), it’s possible that Wolgast, Lila (his wife) and Jonas (the doc) could all still be around 97 years into the future (along with Amy, Fanning, Babcock and the rest of the 12 obviously). Also, the whole Babcock saves Clark thing would seem to indicate that Clark may also now be immune to aging/disease, and thus could make a return alongside Babcock.

So if there is a second season, many familiar faces could return to tell the story of the fight to both save humanity and hunt down and eliminate the 12. The only real impediment I see in telling the rest of the story from the books (albeit in a totally changed-for-television version) is budget. It’s going to cost a lot more money to make Season Two set 100 years from now in a post-apocalyptic world than it did to make this season.


Good points @SlainteMhath about the plot mechanisms they can use to bring a bunch of the Season 1 cast along with them. And since each infected can +1 a normal person (can they only save one other person? who knows!) then I guess Fanning will probably save Jonas’ wife - although I guess she could have been saved by being injected with the stuff in the first place. The one person I’m curious about is Lacey. They have GOT to be bringing her along somehow. She’s sort of a Deus Ex Machina in human form so she serves quite a useful purpose!

The shots of Amy at the end though - was she notably older there? She looked somehow taller in those shots and I could convince myself she was older, though it might have just been her hairstyle. She’s only 12 in real life, though so I dunno if something was really different there or if she just looked different because of makeup/setting, etc.