The Path review

The Path isn’t much of a game. But whatever it is, it’s one hell of one of those.

Thumbs up

As somebody whose going through an adventure game binge, (Vampyre Story down, onto Outcry), would you mind mentioning what platform this is on?

PC only I think.

Yeah, it’s a PC only indie game. You can get it from Tale of Tales’ web site, Steam, and Direct2Drive. Unfortunately, it’s not available until late Wednesday night. :(


I’ve decided to not read any (more)* commentary about this until I finish playing the thing. I’m even blanking the RPS guys now.


*I read someone else’s review.

It’s nice to see it turned out well. I’d kind of written it off from some of the screens.

I dismissed the warning and read the rest before buying :(

PC and according to their website a MAC version is in the works.

I’ve been reading up on this game for the past week since the RPS look at it and I’m definitely going to pick it up. My only real question , is there any difference in terms of copy protection between ordering the Steam version or ordering it directly from the developers?

Is direct2drive like steam? I mean: Do you need a client or do you just download the game like with gog?

Direct2Drive has no client to install. You don’t even need to use that download manager they try to force on you.

I will definitely be picking this up tonight. I wish they were having some kind of event at the hotel in SF, I’d probably be lured out for it.

Ah hell. I hadn’t even heard of this before today and yet my curiosity is piqued and my $10 is as good as spent.

I stuck this in the comments section but I’ll put it here too:

Sounds a little bit like a bizarre game my friends and I used to play years ago. “Bad Day at The Midway” by The Residents (yes, that weird experimental band).

It may have been a more traditional adventure game with puzzles and the like but the characters and the place and the story were all so surreal. I don’t like adventure games much but “Bad Day at The Midway” still sticks with me as being one of the weirdest and most impressionistic games, but with some of the most memorable characters, I’ve played.

Don’t know that I’d call it art either but I don’t know that I wouldn’t.

Thanks to the nice people at Transgaming, The Path will be released for the Mac OSX platform by late April! It will be distributed via our own website and GameTree.

Edit: bah. I didn’t see intruder’s post with the same information.

Brian, the Bad Day on the Midway comparison is good, but The Path is a lot less, uh, IN YOUR FACE with the weirdiosity. I remember Bad Day being aggressively distrubing and slightly disgusting, partly because it was so far ahead of its time. Back then, we couldn’t really have non-game games.

The Path is just as much of a non-game, but it’s much more, well, poetic. It’s really a gorgeous game on a few levels. Of course, it helps that it’s set in the woods instead of a freaky carnival as imagined by an experimental band…


there were a lot of these games a few years back weren’t there? the dark eye?

wasn’t there one that was made by robert deniro’s game company?

Oh why hello Day 1 game purchase, so nice to finally see you again.

Ooo, yes, looks quite creepy…will be picking this up tonight if it really does go live. Also, music by Jarboe, who is, I assume, the same Jarboe from the Swans and Skin.


I was already planning on picking this up, but now I’ll be staying up for release.