The Path review

Well, it seems that they’re either live and flooded or are in the process of updating cause their site is unresponsive, but some Googling brought up this:

its up on steam

I purchased it on Steam this morning, though I doubt I’ll get to playing it until this weekend.

I just bought it and played for over an hour. So far there are some disturbing images, but as a narrative I don’t know where it is going.

I watched the trailer and got worried there is some sort of weird lesbian angle.

I got this and played for an hour and a half last night. I “succeeded” with one girl, but am horribly stuck with the next. If you move 100m, the game will show you the path you’ve taken. According to that, I’ve gone literally everywhere, criss-crossed the entire universe as it were, but I have totally lost the path to grandmother’s house. I spent most of that time pretty bored because of that fact, but I’m willing to give it another go.

That’s interesting frank. The description of the game on Steam insists that I will never become stuck or frustrated in this game. It sounds like that might not be the case.

Grandma is a lesbian?! SOLD!

In all seriousness though, I just snagged this via steam and am now looking forward to checking it out tonight. Hopefully it’s a fun non-game.

spoiler warning:

According to the manual if you stand still for a few seconds in the forest you’ll summon the girl in the white dress who will lead you back to the path.

I spent 2 hours with this last night and I have no idea what is going on. Which is odd as I managed to figure out a lot of the plot conventions in Braid.

is this like a japanese dating sim?

Going to pick this up and play over the weekend too. All the reviews I’ve seen say it evokes an emotional response, and that’s all too rare in videogames. Games vs. art etc etc.

Definitely going to grab this one.

I tried this, because everyone says that the girl in white will lead you back to the Path. She doesn’t, she just dances around in totally random directions. I’m actually wondering if it’s some weird bug or something, because I really and truly can’t seem to get anywhere.

The terrain is “round”, in that if you go far enough to the north you end up at the far south and so on - I’ve literally gone every possible direction and not crossed the path to Grandmother’s house. There’s no area left on the “map” that I haven’t explored yet.

I’m not very impressed, obviously.

The same thing happened to me, earlier. When the little girl appears, don’t touch anything. You’ll grab her hand, and an animation thing will happen where the screen flares up, and you’re suddenly right by the path. So yeah, don’t try to follow her.\

EDIT: Oh, and I also have no idea about what’s going on. Yet. I hope I’m not just stupid and it’ll make sense later.

I’ve done that, too. The only way to interact with anything in the world is to NOT do anything, so I tried that pretty much straight away. She just dances around me endlessly, running off in different directions.

It was pretty random for me as well, there is a “force action” command which is pushing mouse button 3 (not sure what is the keyboard command). I’m not at my home computer now to check, but does anyone know the keyboard command to show the girls facing you?

I’m working on a blog entry now as I try to explore why I’m perplexed at the game which I’m going to try to put up tonight.

“Force Action” you say? I will have to try this when I get home.

I look forward to the blog.

I just finished it.

What the hell did I just play?

Part of me really wants to read Tom’s review to find out what’s going on, but then foogla has a sad face about doing so before playing it.

Support +1. I’m waiting to read Tom’s review until after I’ve played the game. Be strong!