The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (ACG?) that deserves its own thread


That was added long after the game was released on mobile, but didn’t initially work as you described (regarding character assists) due to a bug.


The whole dice thing is very rewarding, especially when you manage to save enough dies for a big BAM on the boss.
All those colours, it is like the Power Rangers eruptiing inside my Dungeons & Dragons!


How long does the campaign last? Are the character classes different enough where it is fun playing with each one? I typically have trouble replaying content.

This game definitely sounds interesting. I imagine there will be more campaigns that come out as DLC to add more legs to the game?


It’s taken me about 13 hours to get to the half-way point of chapter 4, and I expect 5 and 6 to be harder than the first 4 chapters, so I’m guessing around 20-25 hours for a given play through. The scenarios themselves are very replayable because the location decks are generated randomly each scenario, so just the rules for a scenario are different (like in one where you have to bury a card each time you encounter a blessing) and the locations themselves have different rules, too. Lots going on, lots of variety, and no reason in the world not to roll up a new party and play again to see how the party dynamic changes (synergies and what not). Plus there is dialog per character, so new dialog with new characters. A minor touch, but a welcome one.


Thanks Scott. Definitely sounds like something I’ll like. Moved it up to #3 on my wishlist!


Most of the Obsidian version bonus items don’t seem worth it except for this one: Future Goblin campaign Deck 1 with 2 new Goblin Characters. Any opinions on Obsidian vs standard?

Edit - found Scott’s post above that talked about Obsidan version. Sounds like I may be better off just buying the Goblin DLC separate and sticking with the standard version.


Is there a way to change your login name from the iPhone app? I have the free version on IPhone but got the obsidian on PC. I didn’t use the same username I had on the iPhone. So now my iPhone keeps logging into my base game account not t the one I made today on the pc, even after deleting and reinstalling the app. There is a logout button but it still logs back in automatically and I never get a chance to change my login name to link my app to my newer pc account name


You need to link your accounts. The whole process is very unintuitive, and took me a while to figure out.
First you need an Asmodee account.
Then start Pathfinder on your PC, link it to your Asmodee acount, then click on the link in the options, then click the iOS one.
It will spur out your account idea (careful, no O there, only zeroes) and a code you have to input in your iPhone within 5 minutes.
Go to your iPhone, and this is the tricky part: do NOT login with your Asmodee account there! Just get to the link setup page, input the credential you got. If all went well, your Gamecenter ID will be linked to your Asmodee account, which will be linked to your Steam account, allowing sharing of your files all around. You won’t have to login ever again after.
You can only do this once per Gamecenter/SteamID, so be sure to be logged in with the correct one before linking. (I may have linked my wife’s here, whoops!)


That’s the problem I think. My iPhone app is linked to one login and my pc another. There is no way I’ve found to change your login, thus change over to the same account my PC uses.


If the Asmodee account log in is the problem, you can log out temporaly by clickig “log out” after clicking your account button. Then you can proceed to unify your log ins. If you already linked your SteamId and Game Center ID to different Asmodee accounts, you should reach for their support - they will very likely fix it for you.


The logout wasn’t working as in it would tell me I was successful in logging out but if I did anything it would still have me logged in. Anyway, I fiddled with this for a while and eventually it kept me logged out (no idea why it worked when it did,but whatever). So I’m linking them via the link codes and my iphone is ‘processing’ the link for almost 10 minutes now. No idea if breaking this will hose it up or not. Ugh.


It should be instantaneous. It is very finicky: I had experienced a bunch of errors before I finally got around it.
I think you should email their support: they seem to have a sort of “hotline” ( is the link their community manager keeps spreading around) for people having issues with their accounts, which is welcome, but a bit distressing at the same time…


Has anybody successfully used the “Link Devices” deally in options? Whether going from PC to iOS or visa versa, I get various error messages and the links are unsuccessful.

Also, if I link my Asmodee account, is there even a point to linking devices as well?


You have to make sure that you aren’t signed in to your Asmodee account on your PC (or maybe it doesn’t matter which device?) in order to link them. So for example log in to your account on iOS but don’t log in on PC, then on your iOS device go to the link settings and click Desktop, then go to your PC and enter the codes theres (while still not being logged in). Now they should be linked.

I had to link them (so that all devices had a check mark on them in the link screen) in order for purchases to actually be synched.

At least that was my experience with it. It’s not at all intuitive and took me ages to figure out. When I was trying it with both devices logged in, I would keep getting “Invalid PFID” errors.


Finally got it, I think the keys were not linking the Asmodee first and, the moment I hit return to sync my iOS account to the PC one, make sure I’m not still running it on iOS (i.e. not having it open on 2 devices simultaneously).

Now where is that Ambassador code, gosh dangit, I need my character alts!


I decided to do the tutorial on my android phone as a kind of demo before I decide whether to buy the PC version, which is the one I want if I decide I like the game. Other than the text being a bit small on my phone it seems pretty fun after the first 2 tutorials.


I was impressed with how playable this is on a phone. My 6s has a decent sized screen, but the pixel density is so great I had no trouble playing several of the free scenarios. Now I have the full version to play on my phone, but for some reason my save game isn’t syncing up and I’m leery to do something with the mobile version that might somehow over write my PC progress, as I’m nearly at the end of Chapter 5 there.


I think 3-4 years ago the font would have been large enough, but as I’m getting closer to 50 (almost 48 now) I’m having trouble with small print. I’ve got a Moto g5+ which seems decent enough. Sucks getting old.


I almost failed tutorial 4. I was psyched when I found the 3rd henchman and used my blessings to ensure the victory, thinking I was done. I forgot that to close that location I needed to pass a constitution check, which I then failed. There were only a couple location cards left, but I’d still need to pass the constitution check.

The cleric in the tutorial drew and had 0 cards left in her draw pile. I was able to get by the rest of the cards, but now had to pass the constitution check with a 50% chance. Just made it.


I did the same. It sucks the life out of my phone’s battery, the text is tiny, and sometimes the helpful windows, not just the tutorial, gets in the way of seeing the cards… otherwise it’s a pretty fun and just like the physical game… minus the ability to play with others of course.