The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (ACG?) that deserves its own thread

Lini the druid? Don’t forget that you can use the animal power to get +1d4 to any check - this includes combat and recharging, in addition to skill checks. And you can use it multiple times a turn! You basically always want to have an animal with you, and pretty much always hit the animal icon any time you’re rolling dice against a number.
Her shapeshift to use a d10 for combat starts off as a weak weapon, but it does mean that if you can support her with extra dice from blessings, those bonus dice are d10s as well! Plus, she packs a pretty mean punch with something like Holy Light in her deck though!
And it’s easy to forget but she can recharge instead of discarding her animal friends, so you can use a spare animal as an explore and have it automatically recharge.

That also work on Str/Dex checks of any sort.

The real power is the animal thing though. Adding 1d4+3/4 quickly becomes “90-100% chance to succeed at nearly everything.”

For Lini, give her a scythe. She naturally rolls a lot of 1d4, so having all 4’s count as a 5, and then later as 6 or 7 is a huge boon in combat.

Gah. Just had to forfeit a scenario I was doing well on, after several failures, because of a progession bug. There are still far too many of these, even after a year on release on iOS.

I decided to try four unused characters to hold some legendary cards that make no sense for the other two groups and actually try and play with a group of 4. I had to step away right after I put them together so when I loaded again the party was gone. Apparently though they existed as characters so I just put them all together again.

A group of four is interesting. I almost lost all of them in my first run through due to lack of cards. Not even so much damage but discarding. I wound up with 18 extra cards though so it wasn’t that I didn’t keep the cards… maybe this group just doesn’t cycle well through them. We’ll see I guess.

Goblins are invading!

cool and they have this:

Stash: Fixed a bug that would delete cards when a player would try to return them to the unclaimed tab.

Thank God.

But they made it so you can’t buy the expansion on iOS.
Obsidian never ceases to amaze!

I hate to say it, but I expected something like this at this point. The Pathfinder game has not exactly been a paragon of stability.

Anyone try the Goblins adventure yet? It’s still on sale for +$5 for a few hours.

Mmm, they are going to change business model on this to something much more palatable (common core box and single box, full arcs).

Holy crap Scaling Mhar Massif is a steaming pile of bullshit.

So, I had looked into this for a long time, but the previous business model (core box for an adventure path + several expansions + start again from a new core box for the next path) always gave me pause.

But since now it’s going to be a common core box + a single expansion box per path, that felt more palatable and just got it.

Anybody has any recommendations on ideal party size for solo play?

With the older sets, I think two characters worked really well. I didn’t like trying to keep track of more than that.

I just played the first adventure in the Valeros DLC and realized I know longer know what the heck I’m doing. I stumbled my way through and some of the concepts started resurfacing in my brain. Maybe I should just start a new campaign starting with the tutorial to refresh myself. Plus I have so many cards I don’t even know which ones to keep and which to get rid of. Any way to make the stash bigger?

I’ve played with 2, 3 and 4 heroes solo. I think 2 or 3 is the sweet spot. With 4, I found myself in a position where I had 3 good characters and one spare wheel running along in a perpetual support role. That support role was Lem the halfling bard character, so it sorta makes sense. Once I restarted the game and played with a different group of 3 characters, I enjoyed the play a lot more.

The only downsides I see with two characters is less locations to explore and less opportunities to explore synergies between different characters.

Hmm, I think I had a situation like yours, but I still enjoyed playing 4 characters.

My most dominant character ended up being the Druid, of all people. It felt like there was no situation she couldn’t handle!

Druids are… awesome. Very powerful.

Thanks guys. I’ll try with 3 characters and report back.

I think I used 3 characters on the app for the first game and it worked well. Easier to manage on the ipad vs reality though. No idea what characters they have for the most recent ones but my favorites for the 1st were the druid, sorceress, and the fighter I believe.